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This morning, since I was up at a vaguely sensible time, I had a bit of a look round for something interesting to do with the day. My brain settled on a trip for myself and [ profile] izzy_stradlin to the Watercress Line for a steam train journey through the Hampshire countryside. Very enjoyable. Highly recommended, and they have a bunch of interesting looking events and specials on as well...

I'm particularly interested in their dining trains. Who might be up for a trip on one of these? If we can get space, that is... They're looking kind of booked up right now.

In other news, [ profile] izzy_stradlin and I have just finished watching Seirei no Moribito (aka: "Guardian of the Sacred Spirit")... which is rather good. It's a fantasy Anime done by the same bunch who did Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (and a whole bunch of other stuff)... Good story, good characters, nicely plotted. Some folks say that the pace might be a little on the slow side at times, but I think it was just fine. Highly recommended.

Anyway - enough of an update for now, I think.
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So... I've run out of Anime that appeals to me. I'd quite like to know about some more, please. That said, please refrain from just recommending anything that you like and actually look at the things I already approve of. Big turn offs: lots of filler episodes, no ending in sight, endings that bear no relevance to what went before (I'm looking at you here, Evangelion). Things I do like: Good stories, good characters & character development. Films & series are both okay...

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So... what do people out there in LJ & Facebook land reckon I might like?
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I've just finished watching Last Exile (the anime series). It's rather good indeed. [ profile] majic13, you really must watch this. Hurry up and watch some other stuff so I can give you this to watch! I only gave you a few series of stuff to plough through last time...

This one's got a very odd setting, but is mighty cool with an assortment of pseudo-anachrotech looking flying vehicles and whatnot. There's angst, there's action, there's strange and incomprehensible setting elements, and musket barrage fire from the sides of anachrotech air-battleship things. There's also several amusing moments with a small stuffed ram.

What's more, the token young child character managed to completely avoid making me want to shoot them in the face, which is both unusual for that kind of character and a significant bonus in general!

All in all, Last Exile is rather good.
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...Full Metal Alchemist (Anime) is rather good indeed. Bit of a curveball there at the end... but it's Anime, so a bit of weird at the end is not that surprising.

That is all.
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So, I was ill yesterday with a stinking headache. I've still got a bit of one today, but it's entirely manageable.

Other days:
Saturday was spent largely watching some episodes of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - 2nd Gig, playing UFO: Aftermath and planning the UA game for Sunday... and having a headache.

Sunday was spent planning and running a UA game, as well as watching a bit of GITS:SAC2. I am also amused at that abbreviations. GITS is bad enough, but GITS:SAC just amuses me further. Anyway - UA game went well, and involved the first field excursion of the game... Which is also the furthest that I expect any players to have to walk at any point. I still think that location is fantastic to use in games, though. Oh, and I had a headache too.
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Well, I've had a long weekend, so here's an update:

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What have I been up to lately? Not a great deal.

Watching stuff:
  • Watching a bunch of Stargate (SG-1 & Atlantis)
  • Watching a bunch of Anime
    • Series: Angelic Layer, Azumanga Daioh
    • Films: My Neighbour Totoro, The Cat Returns)
  • Prepping and Running an Unknown Armies LARP
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Might be at pub tonight, might not. Depends on mood. Note to all and sundry: Dark Ages downtimes need to be in by tomorrow night or they'll probably be ignored. NO game planning will take place the day before the next game as that's my birthday and I will be scorning game planning in favour of doing something frivolous.

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