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As predicted, my car has failed it's MOT. This is not unusual - I have never had a car that I owned pass it's MOT.

What is unusual is that it failed on minor stuff which will cost £75 to fix. Rust wasn't even mentioned. Car will be fixed over the course of the day, for me to pick up tonight or first thing tomorrow morning.

One of my cars passing an MOT? Surely there should be airborne bacon first?
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It would appear that in one of the cold snaps we've been having recently, my car has sprung a rather unfortunate leak. I say "unfortunate" as it's so far defied any attempts to locate it, despite that fact that any coolant you pour into the top rapidly drops out of the bottom. You can tell that liquid goes in, and liquid comes out, but what happens in between is anybody's guess.

This, as you might imagine, puts the kibosh on some of my Christmas plans. Instead, I think that I might well hire a car and deal with fixing mine at a later date. If I can get one from my preferred hire place, it actually works out cheaper than (or at least equivalent to) what I'd expect the financial hit of arranging insurance for a borrowed car.

Panto went well. My first go at actually being backstage crew for a show, rather than sitting out front or in a control room. Incredibly tiring, especially due to the unwelcome interference of a cold... combined with it being really hot an sweaty in the wings and absolutely *&!%ing freezing outside the stage door (where we end up having to go a fair bit). Next year I don't think I'll do the panto, as I have too much other stuff I need to do at this time of year. Also, it's given me plague far too often.

Still, it was fun, in a horrifically gruelling, hard working, heavy lifting kind of way.

I'll still do other shows, though, and I might help with the set build stuff and not get involved otherwise.
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Well, my car has now been given it's first proper run with me at the wheel. Long weekend in Wimborne Minster, down near Bournemouth & Pool.

Car did fine. We're still alive, so I did okay as driver, too.

The room in the guesthouse was fantastic - it was a loft conversion in what used to be the top of the stables for a georgian manor house. Very comfortable and relaxing. Which was good, because when the weather's poo, as it was on saturday, you might get drenched and not feel like doing much except curl up an laze around. That's exactly what we ended up doing on saturday afternoon, in fact.

On friday evening, after a bit of a general wander around the village (inlcuding a nose in the chained library of the Minster itself), we met up with a [ profile] sea_cucumber and went out to a pub for food & drinks (less of the drinks for me, alas, as I was driving). This also highlighted just how useless our map was.

Saturday, we wandered the village some more, got soaked and lazed about. In the evening, however, we went along to a storytelling event, running as part of a weeklong storytelling festival in the area. It was mighty cool. I'd have been happy if I'd just driven down solely for that event and then driven home again, to be honest.

This morning we checked out of the guesthouse. Since [ profile] izzy_stradlin hasn't had much experience in her life with waterslides, and it'd been too miserable and dreary to go to the beach properly, we called in at the local waterslide centre on our way home. I've not been on any for a long time either, so enjoyed it immensely. Good fun indeed, especially as we were early enough that it was mostly empty. It just started getting busy towards the end of our time there.

Now, at the end of it all, I'm home. I'm also extremely knackered. Thankfully, I don't go back to work until Thursday...
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Some corporate cockweasel drove into my car whilst it was parked. Damage is pretty minor. Car's still mobile, if dented. He had the decency to stop and find me, at least. Still annoying as hell, though.
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I am working on multilingual horrors again... So much for it being gone for good! Still, this is at least being treated as a separate and well defined project...

Tonight I meet up with [ profile] izzy_stradlin in London, before embarking on an excursion into deepest darkest Essex, where we will be both visiting her family and attending parts of the local folk festival...

In other news, I am no longer a car owner. Following an abortive attempt for them to ignore my collection instructions yesterday, the council people came to take the rusted hulk of my old Rover away this morning. They were supposed to phone the day before, so I could move the car out of the drive so that it wouldn't be stuck behind Richards. They didn't of course, and they turned up yesterday with no warning, prompting [ profile] izzy_stradlin to tell them to come back today. Which they did. They even phoned beforehand, this time.

Bizarrely, I'd actually become quite attached to that car. I didn't get to use it a great deal, but I put quite a bit of effort into trying to get it roadworthy again. It also got me my driving confidence back, which after such a long break from driving beforehand was a good thing.
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Well, it made it to an MOT, but didn't get through it. The rust is just too bad and I'm looking at at least a couple of hundred quid's worth of welding. Hmmm... time to think of options, methinks.
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Well, once again I have joined the ranks of car owners thanks to my parents generosity. I'm not planning on using it much until I've spent some time working on it. There's some serious rust patches on it that I'm going to need to fill before they get much worse...

Using P38 for fixing car bodywork? Surely not? Everybody knows it's sole use is for modelmaking. It's been ages since I've used the stuff... so it'll be interesting to see how it goes.

So far I have driven this car once ever, and that was when I moved it two car lengths back up the driveway so that othre cars could park there. It took a few goes... but considering how long it is since I've driven I don't think I did too badly.

Doing a hill start in reverse in an unfamiliar car with a mind to going back up a fairly narrow driveway, and in a way that if I'd jumped backwards too suddenly I'd have met the house coming the other way... not the easiest of manouvers.

Next step, work on the rust.

Then, try to remember how to drive.

I have a nagging feeling that it might be useful.

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