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I'm on a roll today, and sleep isn't happening, so I'm going to press on into the Es. First up, we have:

The Echelon Effect - Mosaic
First things first, this is a small independent artist who's work is incredible, so he's getting a post all of his own and isn't being shoved behind a cut tag. This one gets shoved into your friends feed in full. So there.

What's more, you can listen along over here, or view the website over here.

In short, it's one of the most relaxing and pleasant works of ambient music I've heard in a long time. In terms of music that lets your mind wander and find its own imagery, I'd put it right up there with Global Communication's 76:14... and that's some pretty damned high praise.

If you want to let yourself go and get lost in some music, put this one on. Or pretty much any other Echelon Effect stuff. It's incredible, it's relaxing and it's inspiring.

As well as the music, it also contains one of the finest song titles I've ever encountered:
Defying Gravity To Reach You.

I don't know why that one hits me as much as it does. Possibly it's because, when it boils down to it, I'm a bit soppy about such things, and that's a very science fictional way to express something very romantic. It's also an amazing piece of music, which helps.

Verdict: Keep and spread around
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Dark Star - Twenty Twenty Sound )
Verdict: letting it go...

Deexpus - The King of Number 33 )
Verdict: Very much keeping this one thankyou!

Dragons - Here Are The Roses )
Verdict: It's got "Here are the Roses" on it. I'm keeping it.

Dream Theater - When Dream And Day Unite )
Verdict: Surprisingly, keep.

Dream Theater - Images & Words )
Verdict: I'd say "keep" but I've already lost it!

Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons )
Verdict: Keep
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I'm ditching the roman numerals and switching to far more sensible options now!

Curve - Gift )
Verdict: Keep

Curve - Open Day at the Hate Fest )
Verdict: Keeping for a couple of the songs.

Curve - The New Adventures of Curve )
Verdict: Keep, just

Curve - The Way of Curve )
Verdict: Keep

This concludes the "Curve" portion of this grand listen through. I'll keep going, but in a new post, I think.
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Curve - Come Clean )
Verdict: KEEP

Only a brief post this time around... didn't have time to listen to more, due to today being a hugely busy day!
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So, let's get going with this again... I'll pick up where I left off

Crosby/Nash - Crosby/Nash )
Verdict: To Go

Curve - Doppelganger )
Verdict: Keep.

Curve - Radio Sessions )
Verdict: Keep.

Curve - Cuckoo )
Verdict: It's got "Unreadable Communication" on it. IT'S MINE.

I think that's enough for now.
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So, I'm working at home today. I don't feel like working with tapes as that's too much of a "hands on" exercise, so I thought I'd do some background CD listening again

Crazy Gods of Endless Noise - Inflatable Geek )
Verdict: KEEP

Crazy Gods of Endless Noise - Heavy Planet )
Verdict: KEEP
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Cranes - Loved )
Verdict: Keep

Cranes - Population 4 )
Verdict: Keep.

Cranes - Future Songs )
Verdict: Keep.

Cranes - Particles & Waves )
Verdict: Keep. Really, Really Keep.

There's another, more recent Cranes album out there. It's called "Cranes", but I think I might only own it on mp3, not as a Physical CD. I can't remember it well enough to tell how it stands up to the rest. If I do have a physical CD, it's hiding from me. Which means I've cleared the great wall of Cranes... which, I'll warn you now, is barely a warm-up for some of the epic artist collections coming up.

Next up, something slightly different, courtesy of "Crazy Gods of Endless Noise".
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Cranes - Wings of Joy )
Verdict: Keep - bleak soundtracks have their place

I think I've now passed the lowest point in the trough of bleakness... If there's a more bleak album left in my collection, I can't think of it right now.

Cranes - Forever )
Verdict: Keep
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Collide - Chasing the Ghost )
Verdict: Keep

I'm bracing myself a bit for the next one. Making sure that I'm well away from sharp objects or dangerous pills or anything like that. I'm only on the first floor, so autodefenestration isn't too much of a risk either.

Cranes - Self Non Self )
Verdict: Keep
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A bit more back-filling, starting back in the Bs. As usual, I'm trying to comment live as I go... and I may well be doing other things at the same time. This means I might not notice titles of songs or whatnot... so I'll just give an overall vibe and call out song titles as I go.

Black Mountain - Black Mountain )
Verdict: Keep

Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart )
Verdict: Very Definitely Keep

Celldweller - Celldweller )
Verdict: Keep

Choke The Word - Enjoy The Parade )
Verdict: Keep

Coheed & Cambria - In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 )
Verdict: Keep, I think. Probably. Although I may change my mind.

Right... now I'm back up to date and on track. More should follow at some point.
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So, I'm leaping back through the alphabet again. This time heading back to the As and the Bs. Yes, some of my gap filling CD orders have arrived. Obviously, having bought them, the verdict is going to be "keep" for all of them. They're on here mostly for completeness sake, and so I can convince folks to listen to them themselves.

So here goes:

All About Eve - Ultraviolet )
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The Church - El Momento Descuidado )
Verdict: To go - just not as keen on them as an accoustic band.

I think I might leave it there for now and find something else to do for a bit. This spot on the sofa is starting to gain a human shaped indentation, and that's probably not a good sign!
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Well, I've now relocated downstairs, and am doing the listen-through in the front room and typing on my netbook. I'm also sorting through my fairly massive accumulated post pile as I go, so I may be distracted at times.

My friend Flick is also around here, using our dining table as a comfortable working space. If she has any interesting reactions to the CDs, they may get posted here too... but I'm not going to tell her that just yet.

So, here we go, starting with some good old 90s Shoegaze.

Chapterhouse - The Best of Chapterhouse )
Verdict: Keep

The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix )
Verdict: Keep - I'd prefer to own it more legitimately if at all possible, but last time I looked it was like hen's teeth! (update: ordered)
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Now we're into the Cs, which start with one of the "are you sure this is from *your* CD collection?" CDs.

The Cardigans - Gran Turismo )
Verdict - To go - I just don't have space.

Brief aside: Cockbags! I just found two more CDs lying around. Thankfully they're from later in the alphabet, but it means this task is getting even more daunting.

...and now, I post this as I'm relocating to a laptop in the front room. This entry will continue in another post.
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Well, I've just hit a fairly epic "rock virtuoso supergroup" CD, so I'll keep going for a bit longer... although there's some weird stuff coming up in the Bs, so I may not last much longer tonight.

BBM - Around The Next Dream )
Verdict: KEEP

Black Tape for a Blue Girl - With a Million Tear Stained Memories )
Verdict: I'm not MISERABLE enough to keep this one

Bass Communion - Ghosts on Magnetic Tape )
Verdict: The dark, murmuring voices, they tell me to keep it. They don't say what will happen if I don't... but I fear it all the same.
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Hold the phone!

Cast your mind back, dear reader, to a few hours ago, when I was still in the As. There's a CD that I missed because it was loaned out at the time... but I have it in mp3 flavour, so here it is!

Amplifier - The Octopus )
Verdict: Keep
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Anathema - We're Here Because We're Here )
Verdict: Keep

Apocalyptica - Plays Metallica by Four Cellos )
Verdict: TO GO - get in touch if you'd like it.

Arena - Contagion )
Verdict: Keep - if it's mine, that is. Otherwise give it back to [ profile] izzy_stradlin and acquire my own copy.

We're into the Bs

Black Mountain - In The Future )
Verdict: Keep - even if it's just for a second chance as it's turned out better than I remembered.
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In the midst of the preceeding posts in this great CD listen-through, I acquired three new CDs. Because that really helps me get rid of CDs. This post is all about catching up with new acquisitions!

Two of them have arrived, and they fit in the As, so I thought I'd cover them now. They're both in the "keep" pile, but what the hey, I should mention them anyway, even if it's only briefly.

All About Eve - Touched by Jesus )

Ed Alleyne Johnson - Symphony )

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