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As the more astute of you may have gathered, I do the lighting for a comedy night up at the social hall once a month. In all, they've generally been pretty decent nights.

The next such night is this coming Tuesday (21st October). Acts are as follows:
Headline: Rob Deering
Special Guest: Henry Paker
Opening Act: Jimmy McGhie
MC: Rufus Hound

These are usually a good night's entertainment, and even better if you can get a mob together. If you're interested in going along, let me know. It's also worth giving the organiser a shout beforehand, because if you do that then it'll only be £7 rather than the £10 it'd be otherwise!

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Just a reminder in case anybody's interested - tonight is this month's comedy night up at the social hall.

£7 entry, Doors 7.45pm for an 8:30pm start.
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A few folks have asked me when the next comedy night is up at the social hall - I thought it was the last Tuesday of the month, but apparently it's the third tuesday... which is this coming tuesday. The first one was realy good and I encourage others to come along and help make it a success and a regular event.
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So, last night I was running the (extremely complex, honest!) lighting for the first night of a regular comedy night in Englefield Green.

Basically, one of the SJP lot used to run comedy nights in Chertsey and had a hankering to do such things again. So he's running a monthly comedy night out of the Social Hall in Englefield Green. It was great fun - all three acts were good. The compere wasn't fantastic, but then a large part of his job is to make the acts look good, which he certainly managed.

I'm trying to track down the names of the acts, but am failing miserably so far. The next night is, I believe, the last tuesday in May. I'll see if I can post up booking details nearer the time. It's running monthly until Christmas, and the plan is to get a big name in for the Christmas one...

Edit: [ profile] izzy_stradlin was also pressganged at the last minute to be the official photographer. This came about as I heard Keith (the organiser) say he thought it was a shame he didn't have somebody in to take photos... Within 5 minutes, we had a photographer arranged, paid in free entry and drinks.

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