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...but somehow it happened anyway.

Mighty fine film. It's not a comic I'm overly familiar with, but from what I do know, this is comic book conversion done just right.

As everybody probably already knows by now, you really need to stick through the credits.
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...Then go read this:
I Don't Need Your Civil War

It's a pain in the arse to navigate through (unless you use Opera and have a handy "fast forward" button... in which case the navigation's really easy), but it's highly entertaining all the same.

Snikt, bub, bub, snikt, bub.
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Today, I have had a busy but hopefully productive day. I'll probably post more in the not too distant future... we'll see!

Additionally, I have made a couple of purchases. I have acquired "Order of the Stick: Start of Darkness" - the Xykon and Redcloak focussed OOTS prequel. I've also picked up "Phonogram: Rue Britannia" - a graphic novel based around a britpop obsessed phonomancer. [ profile] darklittlefox and [ profile] lawrencegillies, you will probably appreciate this!

I also picked up two white-wolf freebie intro things - one for Scion and one for Changeling: The Lost, both of which look... interesting. I shall peruse them further. I was good and resisted buying any actual RPGs - I should do something with some of the ones I already own before I buy anymore (Reign, Spirit of the Century, Don't Rest Your Head, etc...).
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Since it's been a while since I did a proper update, I thought I'd quickly do one now...

catch up... )

In other news, I've just discovered that Powers Vol 8: Legends has just come out. I shall have to purchase it, as the blurb intrigues me. Some fairly major events happened in the last collection (in the internal chronology, not publishing order - Vol. 7: Forever spanned from prehistory to somewhere in the midst of Vols. 1-6) and it looks like there have been... repurcussions.
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So, if I was to bung on the Global Frequency TV pilot tonight before the pub (computer quirks permitting, that is), who would be interested in seeing it? Basically, I'll wait until people who've declared their interest appear before starting it. Unless you're much too late and I want to get to the pub, that is.

Express interest by commenting please...
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Well, I just spent 45 minutes of my lunch hour watching the pilot of the not-yet picked up Global Frequency TV series.

It was rather good. I know they've made some tweaks to the format to make it work for TV, but I don't have a problem with that.

As is traditional, however, the pilot was made, but it's good Genre TV, so naturally the studio dropped it. I'll be bringing the file home either today or tomorrow so it can be watched by interested parties at HoP at some point. Quite likely tomorrow night before pub...
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I'm pretty sure I've mentioned The Parking Lot Is Full before as being a kind of Unknown Armies-esque website? Well, I've found another one:
A Softer World

I particularly like:
This one, this one, this one and this one. For some reason, This one reminds me of our mage game...

Also, rather than Unknown Armies, this one struck me as being very Invisibles.

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