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A teaser's been leaked. Poor quality recorded off a screen, leaked via youtube. Still intriguing, without actually telling us much of anything:
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I've still got this lingering plague, damnit. Today I'm coughing slightly less (so far) but the slight dizzyness is back , which I don't consider to be a good sign at all. It's a lot less significant than before, in that I can stand up and move around without any real issues, but it's annoying all the same.

In other news, I bought "The Orange Box" set of half-life related stuff the other day. Portal is weird but very cool, and with much humour that appeals to me. Episode 2 is shaping up to be as mightly as the earlier games in the series, although I've not gone hugely far with it just yet. Obviously, Team Fortress 2 is going to require that I hop online to try it out... Which I may do at some point. Probably when some other folks have picked it up too so we can give it a proper go. It looks cool, and with a lot of cartoony humour as well.
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Apparently a demo of BioShock was quietly snuck out onto XBox Live yesterday. It is your solemn duty to grab it right now. If not sooner.
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I've been playing one a bit lately. Not one of the big, mainstream ones either. A turn based strategy type thing called Space Empires V (game company webpage here - you'll need to click the link for the game). It's rather good... along similar lines to the Civilization games, but interstellar rather than international. It's also not shy on scope or variation in how you can progress things.

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If anyone else likes this kind of game and picks it up, let me know at some point. I suspect that a networked game might be interesting, if somewhat slow at times due to waiting for each other to complete their turns. I'd suggest he simultaneous turns approach, but even then there could be delays.

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