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Fear me, for I am the fixer of household appliances! Our washing machine has been bent to my will, and no longer does it spread its foul water across the kitchen floor!

Yup. I fixed it. Still have to wait and see if it holds, as a small amount of bodging was required because I couldn't get exactly the right bits I needed, forcing me to improvise. However, I'm putting a load though now, and so far our kitchen floor is undampened despite the machine being past the point where it had normally filled completely and started spewing water out from the detergent tray.
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It would appear that I have a desk... Battens screwed to the wall and a mahoosive chunk of worktop = desk. Currently supporting 2 monitors, one tower, one laser printer, 1 hub, 2 speakers and an anglepoise lamp, with tower 2 underneath it all, alongside my sodding great (tm) trunk.

Now I can type without crippling my back by hunching over to use the keyboard, which for the past week or so has been placed on top of the tower unit. We also appear to have an impending broadband connection - the line is there, and apparently working... we just need to get a server up and running and we're back in the realms of high speed internet connections...

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Well, I spent much of the evening around at Simon's place comitting DIY on what is steadily becoming my room. Technically, I was only really an accessory to DIY, as simon was doing most of the real work.

But, soundproofing is steadily appearing in the gaping crevasses between Simon's room and mine - in the form of expanded polystyrene sheets being wedged between the stairs (which are slowly but surely acquiring risers) and the board underneath them, and filling the gaps in the studding wall with similar stuff.

However, Polystyrene is not noted for being easy to cut, and as a result the room and everything in it is now covered in drifts of little white balls... And since I was fitting sheets of the stuff to the underside of a set of stairs, my head and shoulders got a liberal coating of synthetic dandruff.

Possibly even more odd, having been left outdoors for a while, the polystyrene sheet that we were using managed to aquire a liberal coating of slugs (.oO0< .oO0=) which I was having to remove and evict before fitting the polystyrene in place...


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