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Today, I fancied nice food. So I cooked for [ profile] thankyoukindly and myself.

Sirloin steaks with a garlic butter, served with carrots, green beans and new potatos. Not that complex a meal... until I get hold of it and do strange things to the steaks beforehand, christening my homegrown herb patch in the process. Basically, I salted the steaks for an hour beforehand with a mix of salt (well, duh...) Thyme, Parsley, Garlic, Basil and something that's either marjoram or a different kind of thyme. I never was entirely sure what that one was, but it tastes nice, so we're all good.

This basically draws the water out of the steak, and pulls a little of the salt into the steak along with the flavours of all of herbs. After you've left it there for a bit, you wash the steaks off and pad them dry thoroughly... The salting acts to tenderise the steak nicely, and doesn't (contrary to common belief) dry the steak out - it actually comes out soft and flavoursome.

It seemed to go down well.
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Tonight, I shall be producing pancake goodness for House of Plot residents and associates. Should you wish to consume, let me know by some means so I have a vague idea of numbers. I already have a bunch of lemons, and the majority of required ingredients (if numbers get high I will need to get more eggs & milk, but otherwise I'm good). I also have maple syrup, and a few bits & bobs for savoury fillings. If you want other fillings / toppings then you'll need to bring them yourself.

Anyway, let me know if you're coming, or if you think you'd be expected and won't be there.
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So, Tesco have a new range of healthy eating ready meals that are actually nice. Waitrose also have a nice Lamb Tabbouleh Flatbread Wrap. I ate both of these yesterday. Irritatingly, one of them (it's possible it was something snacky, too, I guess) managed to fire off my food allergies. When this happens, an hour and a half of trains with either no plumbing or vile and inadequate plumbing is a bad idea...

So I'm working from home. I'd been half planning on working from home anyway, as I'm expecting a delivery (nothing thrilling, alas), so I have work I can do from here planned out already. It's still irritating because I don't know which of the nice foods that I liked decided it didn't like me. It's also irritating for more obvious reasons, but when there's plumbing nearby it's a non-issue... it's just the commute that would be unpleasant.
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As possibly the only person I know who is likely to have lost weight over Christmas, I feel compelled to rectify the situation with a large takeout and some booze. Having bought plenty of food, I am far too knackered to actually cook / prepare any of it tonight.
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Regardless of what else I decide to do, I will be eating tonight.

I will be cooking a Teriyaki Pork Stirfry with either rice or wheat noodles. I will be making enough for two, and I will be eating it before 8pm. If you are interested in being the second person, leave a comment. First come, first serve. Or I'll just overeat hideously.

Scratch that - the pork which should still have been fine and in date didn't look edible, so I've chucked it. I'll be dining on nukemeal, I think. Ah well...
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So, that was my first day... It was an engineering kickoff, which basically consisted of being talked at about a bunch of stuff and then discussing a bunch of stuff. I now know the way forward for the core product and some subsidary products, some potential issues concerning different versions of the aforementioned, various potential things to be worked on by other people and the like.

I've still not actually seen the product, and only have a cursory understanding of what it actually does... but I know a lot about how it's being handled. I should actually get to have some hands-on time with it tomorrow, at which point I can start trying to work out what I've gotten myself into!

In other news, tonight I made less of my patented "too much chilli" than usual. It was still too much chilli, but there was less left over than is normal. Only about four or five generous portions, after it had served six people with all that they could eat (excluding pudding stomachs - which were of course reserved for their proper use). Usually I get at least twelve portions left, so I'm improving. It was a bit milder than usual, though. I need to work out the proportions a bit better for the smaller scale, I think.
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There is a tentative plan that monday night shall be a Chilli night, due to the presence of a [ profile] cryx in the area (and on these shores, for that matter). As usual, there shall be a significant pile of the stuff.

If people are interested in partaking, they should let me know, so I can ineffectually attempt to tailor the scale of the chilli vat to suit the numbers. I usually get the rice about right, at least.

NOTE: The day may, in fact, change. The plan will remain, but I can't get housemates to confirm that the house will be available until nearer the time, as none of them are around.
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A message for all House of Plot residents (in case I don't see you during the day) and potentially other interested parties:

Tonight I shall be cooking a vat of Chilli. If you would like to be fed, please let me know, along with any dietary requirements or preferences you may have. I can't cater for everything, but I can probably make a reasonable stab at catering for the odd one or two quirks.

For the uninitiated, my chilli is not usually particularly hot - but it can be bolstered by the addition of other ingredients to individual portions if required.
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Well, I've had a long weekend, so here's an update:

Thursday )
Friday )
Saturday )
Sunday )
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So, I was looking for Udon recipes on the web (ie: things to do with udon noodles to make them a bit more interesting than just plain noodles), and had to do a double take.

I know the word means more than it's current accepted meaning here in the western world, but I really had to keep reminding myself of that.
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So, next friday is my Birthday.

I'm not doing a huge party this year, because whenever I do I hardly ever get to actually talk to anyone for any length of time. They're fun, but I like something different occasionally. So, this year I'm going to be doing a small gathering at which I feed people. Some folks may take note of the fact that this seems somewhat turned about... with me cooking and doing all the work on my birthday. This is because I actually enjoy feeding small mobs every once in a while, and I get to experiment with unusual food that I can't cook for just one or two.

Actually, my current plan this time is as follows:
Cook a big heap of Chicken Katsu Teriyaki
Cook a vat of noodle soup of some kind
Cook a noodle based dish or two
Cook some vegetable tempura (if I can work out how)
Buy or Cook a bunch of sushi (depending if I can get sushi making kit or not)

Feed to a group of six to eight people, of which I intend to be a part.

Due to not being made of money, I may ask for financial contributions from guests who can afford it, but only to cover food expenses.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?
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So, today I've been spending money again. I really need to do that less often, but hey, it was payday on Thursday.

Picked up four CDs in the MVC closing down sale. Cost me about the same as I'd normally spend on one CD, so I think that's not too bad... Two Mercury Rev CDs, one The Church CD and one Led Zeppelin CD.

Then I went to Rymans and bought a bundle of bits and bobs for use in the UA game, which I will refund myself for out of the game's funds when it has some (after the first game, most likely). Some of these supplies will quite likely go on to be used in subsequent games as well, as I do plan on running a lot of short-run or one off LARPs, and resilient folders for character dossiers are generally going to be a good plan I feel. Especially as I'm not planning on re-printing character sheets every game... the same sheet should last all the way through. If new sheets are needed then they can be printed, but they won't have all of your XP and skill progression on them... basically, losing your character sheet will mean losing your XP. So don't do it!

But I digress.

After Rymans, I decided it was ages since I'd had any dried banana chips, which I quite like. So I popped into Julian Graves to get some and found that they stock Boaters teas and coffees too. So I acquired a few boaters bits and bobs for experimental purposes.

I am now home, and testing my new CDs before embarking on a mammoth UA prep-session... about which, more shortly!
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Well, so far there are four folks eating chilli, including myself. If anybody else wants in, let me know ASAP as I'll start cooking some time in the next half an hour and at that point the amounts get a bit harder to tweak...

In other news, I have largely been lounging. Went to tesco for chilli ingredients, watched I, Robot on DVD, which was a pretty decent no-brain action flick that borrowed a couple of names from some Isaac Asimov stories. I've also got a bunch of graphic novels from the Library which I'll read tonight and tomorrow, after which I'm back to work.
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Well, tonight is my TV watching night, as ever, but I'm wondering about cooking a chilli beforehand. I quite fancy a chilli night, and my options are really tonight or tomorrow night, and tomorrow night the house gets invaded by V:TES or Board Gamers...

So... Who might be interested. I'm prepared to feed up to 8 as long as they are then prepared to let me watch my normal viewing schedule without drowning it out!
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Well, today was another RDV (Radioactive Dog Vomit) Day at two of the canteens at work (3 colleges on one campus, each college has a canteen). I didn't feel like spending ten minutes walking to the third canteen, so I ate at canteen #2. Chilli Con Carne. Possibly the worst Chilli Con Carne I have ever eaten, and I've had some bad chilli. Never mind... my guts can take it. I hope.

Anyway... Other stuff:
RPGs )
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The quality of food at this place is pretty poor at the best of times, but today I went down to Southlands for lunch (this being the current on-campus venue of choice, on the grounds that at least the slop they sell is cheap) and had cottage pie. This was worse than usual... this could be used to destabilise the earth's orbit. It's excessive mass could also cause major ecological problems as it sucks superheated gasses from the surface of the sun towards the earth, bringing a massive rise in temperature. Even light would have difficulty escaping it's pull.

Still, at least it was better than last week's curried gristle hotpot.
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Huzzah! For the first time since the person working in the coffee shop downstairs started I was not asked if Iwanted diet coke.

Some history: Almost every every day, mid morning, I go downstairs and waste money on a can of coke. Up until now, the dialogue has always gone something like this:

[I Pick up either a pack of crisps or a kitkat and brandish it for the person behind the counter to see]
Me: This and a can of coke please.
[She walks to the fridge, opens it, looks like she's climbing into the thing, and then...]
Her: <accent="italian">diet?</accent>
Me: No thanks. <thinks>If I wanted diet coke, I'd have asked for diet coke</thinks>
Her: <accent="italian">sure?</accent>
Me: Yes, I'm sure. <thinks>No, I just thought I'd say it to see what happened.</thinks>

The even wierder thing? The previous person (also italian) did it too. What is this weird italian obsession with diet coke? Or is there a special part of their training that teaches them to always ask me if I want diet coke, just to wind me up?

But today she slipped and just gave me what I asked for, without even questioning my judgement once, let alone the usual twice.
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...with vanilla choco balls to follow.

A tale of lunch at work...

Well, the choice today was chargrilled fish with noodles (cooked to order - long queue -would have taken about 25 minutes before I got it), something with a french name that looked like a leaf wrapped turd (didn't fancy that), or an alleged Chicken Korma, which somehow looked like it was glowing.

Anything from our canteen that has small pieces of chicken in it looks like vomit, but this looked like glowing vomit. Quite disturbing. But not as disturbing as the poppadom. It was fine around the edges, but in the middle, it was, well, more of a floppadom. Once removed from the rigid frame provided by the edges, it couldn't even support it's own weight. It was more of a pancake.

Oh well - it all actually tasted quite nice, despite appearances.

I'm now following it up with one of those yoghurt corner things back in my office. This particular flavour has the dubious name of "Vanilla Choco Balls". I am slightly peturbed by this.

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