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A proper update? Well, it's been a while and my life has been leaning towards "more of the same" for a some time now... But it occurs to me that I've been gradually building up my repertoire of "same" and might not actually have mentioned it. There's also been a web conference, and then last night I also had a crack at something I'd not done for about eight years, which I'll come on to in a bit.

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Since I kind of vanished off the radar over the weekend, here's a bit of an update as to what I've been up to:

Post work drinks with a few people. Stayed longer than I meant to due to the pub which usually has a choice of good ciders having an even bigger selection of good ciders than usual. Even if they did do something faintly horrific to the Addlestones.

Saturday was day one of the "nuke the house" plan. Not literally. People would have noticed. This was something far wider reaching, and far more dangerous...

[ profile] thankyoukindly and I tidied the front room.

I'd already moved all of my RPG books into what was [ profile] urizen's room, which meant that with a little more clearing of stuff, I was able to pull out the bookcase that they had been on and do some repair work on it.

This left me with a large and empty bookcase... so I moved all of my DVDs onto it. You can actually now tell that my DVD collections isn't far behind [ profile] nuuki's. I filled the bookcase, barring half a shelf at the bottom which now contains [ profile] izzy_stradlin's DVDs that stay at my place rather than hers.

When [ profile] thankyoukindly joined in (I'd been my usual early-rising self up to this point, up at times that are not meant to exist at weekends) we then proceeded to clear out the corner of "not our shit" at the back of the room. A reasonable amount of it went straight into the clothes charity drop box... other stuff was moved to the garage, the games cupboard or the cupboard upstairs... or the bin. What used to be my DVD cabinet has now moved to that spot, and is mostly full of booze. I might consider moving some of the booze related glassware and suchlike into that cabinet as well, to free up some kitchen cupboard space.

I also fixed the armchair again, in a way that should las slightly longer. The cover has gone the way of the dodo, though, so it's covered by a blanket at the moment. I may have to get something better to cover it with at some point.

Continuing the theme from Saturday, tidying progressed. Not as much as I'd planned, as I was still recovering from the dust allergy induced explosion of the day before... So I started the day by heading out to get us a few new bits and bobs. I returned with new bins to replace the rather elderly and unpleasant ones in the front room, a stiff scrubbing brush for having a go at the bathroom tiles and a few non houseworking bits. I also got some food bits for the evening.

In the afternoon, we had a go at clearing the coffee table and the space under it. Most of it's shifted, although we still have an archive box of other people's stuff. It really does make a bit improvement to the place, though.

Later in the afternoon I started to feel my sinusses going from too much dust horror, so tidying stopped and we sat down in front of some DVDs instead... I started to introduce [ profile] thankyoukindly to Sapphire and Steel as he's never seen in before. We made it to halfway through Assignment One before it was time for me to go fetch [ profile] izzy_stradlin, after which I started cooking.

Which leads me to the fact that I cooked far too much Gumbo. I still have some left, and will probably be having gumbo and bread for lunch. I don't mind this, as it came out really quite well, I thought. I may well make it again... although it is a lot of work. That said, if I make it again soon, it'll be less work as I now have a large amount of homemade creole style chicken stock in the freezer.

Monday was a bit of a non planned day, really. In the end [ profile] izzy_stradlin and I went on a random trip to Ikea, where I bought an evil mastermind chair. I wanted a good comfy desk chair that I could also watch TV from so I can watch from somewhere other than my bed... So I now have a big black high-backed chair in my room.

I also bough a few new kitchen bits and six new dining chairs. Our old ones had got so bad that they needed to go, and so those are now out in the garage and our nice new ones are around the dining table. It makes quite a big difference to the room, really.

Monday evening consisted of going out for dinner with [ profile] thankyoukindly and [ profile] izzy_stradlin at Gourmet Burger Kitchen - I'd not been to one for a while, and it reminded me that I really like lime milkshakes... and also that I'm a complete glutton.

Anyway - that was the long weekend. Now I'm working from home, waiting for the blokey to turn up and fix the vacuum cleaner. Might see if I can avoid another day of having to work from home by trying to get my car's tyres done this afternoon as well...
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I've still not completely recovered from my storm induced lack of sleep at the start of the week, which is annoying. I actually got a good night's sleep last night, but that was still not enough to get me back to being properly refreshed. I need a good night's sleep, starting early and ending with a lie-in. I expect I'll get it over the weekend when I'm out at my mums place.

Anyway - today is proving to be an odd day. I was expecting the work I was doing this morning to take me up to early afternoon, with a round of back and forth analysis of it in the later afternoon. I finished it before 11am, and then a meeting got cancelled just before lunch, and nobody's free for the back and forth. As a result, I'm doing bitty little stuff and some investigative work. It's difficult to get my teeth into, but I'm getting fair bit done.

Tonight, since I'm not going to be in Herefordshire (I'm going early tomorrow), I will be going to a production meeting for the upcoming production of Habeas Corpus with St. Jude's Players. I'm not doing anything for the production for a couple of weeks, most likely, but at least I'll be able to find out what shape the stage is likely to be and what kind of stuff is likely to be on it. That'll take me to just after 8pm, at which point I'll stick my head into the pub for a bit. Probably not for very long, as I want to get a good night's sleep and I have an early start tomorrow as I'm driving off to Herefordshire...

My plan for the morning is to leave before 7am. Ideally around 6am, but being properly awake is more important than being en-route, as I'll get more work done if I don't wake up smeared across the back of a lorry. I have to leave that early, as I'm not going to be on leave - I'm actually going to be working from "home" at my mum's place, so I need to get there somewhere in the vicinity of 9am, or at least not a vast amount later. I have some flexibility and can work later as needed to make up for any missed time. But still, I want to work as close to normal hours as possible in case people need me to do stuff...

Then I have a weekend in Herefordshire which I'll probably split between looking after my mum, reading, doing some non-work webby stuff and going and visiting places of interest. Hopefully I'll remember to take a camera. Should be back Sunday afternoon, so I can relax in the evening and be alive for Monday morning.
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Just a short "What I did at the weekend" update, written bit-by-bit between various bits of work.

Saturday (AM) - Theatre stuff. I spend the morning converting more floodlights into useful things. Not as many as I'd have liked to do, because it turns out that two of the ones I was going to convert are actually different to the others. Which means I need to work out another way to tweak those ones, or find two more that are like the others. So I'll be going to rehearsal on Tuesday to rummage around in the lighting cupboard and look above the stage to see what I can find.

Saturday (PM) - First up, I bought a couple of new tools. My toolbox, being already too full, was not going to contain these new items, so I also bought a bigger toolbox. Irritatingly, I had no luck at all in purchasing a tap & die set. Homebase don't stock them, apparently. Halfords (which I wouldn't normally even look at, but they're next door to homebase) had one, but it was locked in a cabinet they'd lost the key to... I've ended up ordering one online. After that lot, I went and fetched an [ profile] izzy_stradlin and took her out for lunch.

We then spent a bit of time moving a few bits & bobs off the shelves in her room and up into the loft... freeing up some shelf space for her to use. I then left her to catch up on sleep a bit before she went out in the evening.

I spent a chunk of the evening watching the first three episodes of The Wire with [ profile] thankyoukindly - it's kind of cool, but was a bit of a slow starter. Now it's got going, it's pretty compelling. Even if the team is largely composed of liabilities.

Sunday (AM) - Theatre stuff again. This time I was mainly painting flats and mixing paints for use on a backdrop. I astounded others with my prowess at mixing vile green and a nice royal purple... and my ability to not get myself covered in paint. I did end up with a bit of paint on my boots, alas, but nothing that won't come off with a firm brush. I need new boots anyway, so I'm not overly bothered. Still, the set stuff is coming along in a reasonable way. Now that I know what the backdrops are going to look like, I may need to change some of the lighting rig a bit, but nothing particularly drastic.

Sunday (PM) - Watching TV and relaxing. I was too tired to do a great deal, so I sat down and watched some Eureka, a bit of Charlie Jade. I'm not sure if I like the latter enough to stick with it, but that might just be because it's kind of impenetrable right now... If they start actually going somewhere with it then it might well manage to get me hooked as it's an interesting enough idea. I think.

Later on, I watched more of The Wire, and the liabilities seem to be slowly either redeeming themselves or writing themselves out.
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We no longer have a pool of stagnant water and slime where our patio should be... Which is a plus. Okay, so there's still a fair bit of a puddle, as the other drain out there is only a soakaway, so it'll take a while to clear... but the main drain is fixed.

Now we just need the washing machine sorted.
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So, today I'm working from home, as we're expecting people to appear and fix our washing machine and our drains. I would not be at all surprised if a chunk of washing machine (or laundry) is found to be the cause of the blocked drain...

Anyway - the drain person is due this afternoon sometime, and the washing machine person is due... whenever he feels like turning up, apparently. In other news, I am hungry, the house is cold (even though I've turned the heating on) and I've managed to make myself free this evening, so may well attend the pub. Which would be nice - I've not been properly for ages!
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Theatre stuff
My big jobs at the moment are to design the lighting rig for the Panto, and to see if I can work out a way of getting colour onto any of the floods we have available. The first is going well, but is largely reliant on the second, which isn't.

Basically, we've got no lights which are good for getting a good strong wash of colour across the stage... We've got some floods that have been tweaked to make them usable on a lighting rig, but none of them are proper stage floods... they don't have any means of attaching a colourframe, and any attempts to bodge a gel onto them so far have resulted in a burning gel.

I've got two of these floods at home at the moment, waiting for me to see if I can come up with a method of bodging it which isn't likely to result in meltyness. If can't make it work, then I'll need to resort to using the battens, which are... less good than they could be.

Edit: I may have found a place that can sell me some second hand Parcans for £15 a pop, which would be handy. I may have to mention that to the people who hold the purse strings.

Incidentally, if you know of anybody who wants in with techy stuff, set related stuff or any suchlike... get in touch. Or with general performance stuff, for that matter. Rehearsals are Tuesdays & Thursdays, but there's also techy, set buildy stuff on Sunday mornings which could probably do with more people to help out.

Health & Plagues:
Chest infection: Still lingering, but much improved. I reckon it'll be gone by next weekend.
Stomach bug: This morning, my digestive system finally worked out what it's actually meant to do with the stuff I eat.
Sleep: I managed to get an early night last night and so I'm much refreshed. I'll be trying for another tonight... let's see how I do.

Which means that I'm nearly clear of plague. It's been a fortnight, and I've kind of forgotten what I'm actually meant to do when not pummelling my immune system with multiple diseases...

The whole "early night" thing does mean that I'll probably give swimming a miss tonight.
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Right... since I've not been updating much lately, I thought I'd do a quick potted summary of what I've been up to for the past week and a half.

This is me, however, and I have a tenancy to be quite frank about illness. I poke fun at it after the fact because it helps make sure I never hide illness away and refuse to deal with it. Also, I'm occasionally just a bit vile that way out of sheer contrariness.

So, with that in mind, there will be parts of this that are TMI, so if you're disturbed by things relating to illness (particularly to do with regurgitation), stop reading now. If you're fine with them, and want the full fœtid tale of my recent days, read on beyond the cut...

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SWT made me over an hour late for work. Bloody Vikings.

Since then I've been fighting with the print CSS for our new website - something I started yesterday... I was trying to force the CSS produced by the design consultancy to do something decent, but it was being recalcitrant. So, after almost a full day working on it I binned it and started from scratch. That was just before lunch. I now have a decent print stylesheet and everyone seems basically happy with the results so far.

I think that tells you something about the quality of work provided by the consultancy, as being able to print the pages and have a worthwhile hardcopy was a major part of the brief. Clearly they hadn't even tested it. In fact, I think they'd copied one from another project and hoped we wouldn't notice. I noticed, but have only just had time to look at it properly with a mind to fixing it.

In other news, I had an inexplicable brain crash last night after dark ages plotting for a couple of hours and just ended up feeling really damned low for no apparent reason. Unfortunately (for her, not for me) [ profile] izzy_stradlin happened to return home when I was in the midst of it, and ended up bearing the brunt of it. I am, as ever, utterly grateful to her for being there.

Seem to be mostly back on track today, though, which is a good thing. There has been much swearingabout work, and I am amused that two other people in the team have both been asked if they mind being interviewed about our new site for the internal newsletter. I am amused because I was not asked, presumably because the person asking knows I won't lie about it and they want the piece to be positive... which I think says enough about the whole thing, really.
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So - it's been a while since I did a proper "what's up" update. So I'm going to do one now. It'll probably be somewhat patchy and with vast gaps in it... but hey, at least it's an update!

Work has been, quite frankly, barking. As an example of how daft it's been, I've been working solely on one project, and I was scheduled for the past four weeks to work on that project for five hours a week longer than I actually work. Naturally, I have not worked those extra hours. I've been working without proper breaks and generally exhausting myself making sure it gets done, because it'll fall on my head if I don't. As you might expect, my opinion of my current workplace has dropped like a stone. Considering how poor it was before, this is quite impressive.

I am working hard to either get a better job, sort this one out or (if the situation arises, which is a distinct possibility) steal my bosses job.

I am currently in the running for at least one other job, and have a promised "we'll get back to you" from another (I actually believe they will, too). More news as it happens...

As for the project from hell, I've managed to get my bit of the current workload done. I have another bit to be getting on with (fixing the accessibility gaffes the consultancy have made and that we've introduced in the process of CMS wrangling), but I figure I'm going to take it fairly easy today... I consider it payback for my missed breaks for the past few weeks. I probably have about a day's worth.

We have a mysterious broken/not broken shower. We lost internet for about three days for no readily discernable reason. I have also discovered the mightiness that is WH40K Dawn of War on the PC, but am still striving to remember that there is life without it.

Edit: I do think, having played the campaign a bit, skirmished a bit and played multiplayer, that it's a game best played with other humans, though.

I don't talk about it a vast amount, but for the unaware:
For about a year and a half leading up to the start of this year, my parents were trying to get divorced in spite of the efforts of the solicitors who were allegedy representing them.

This last weekend my dad re-married, so [ profile] izzy_stradlin and I went to the wedding. It was odd, but enjoyable. Also got to meet up with [ profile] blufive and [ profile] calatrice, which was also good. Amongst other things, we discussed the fact that I'm hoping to attend my first Eastercon in a couple of years - Orbital 2008. The Guests of Honour make me think that a couple of other folks may also be interested...

Unknown Armies was a blast. I didn't get back from the wedding until about 1:30/2ish, so was frantically trying to finish getting things ready prior to time in, which kind of meant that I missed the beginning of the game I (allegedly) run! Still, there was chaos, distrust, headbreaking, an atmospheric meeting in a rainy beer garden, identical sextuplets, headbreaking, amusing drunkards (IC), phone conversations on hands-free and more headbreaking. So that was all good. I must confess that I'm enjoyng running it every bit as much as I enjoyed running mage - making it joint top of the "LARPs I've enjoyed running" list.

Every LARP I've run has it's ups and downs, but so far UA seems to be almost entirely ups with only a couple of minor downs. I think this comes down mainly to two things: A fantastic group of players (and co-GM) and having created characters ahead of finalising the plot. This has let me hook all of the characters into events in some way, and I think people are generally starting to see the results of that... I think only one hasn't yet seen much direct involvement, and I'm working on fixing that.

I have been listening to the finest in audio cheese! I admit it - I can't help but find power metal cheesy, but Dragonforce were sold to me as "what Dream Theatre would sound like if they were less clinical, faster and had a decent singer".

Now, the Dream Theatre stuff that I like isn't really that clinical, and I'll defend James LaBrie a little - he's a good singer as long as he's singing songs by other people - It's Dream Theatre's own stuff he's not so good at. But anyway - I've been giving Dragonforce a listen, and it's all pretty enjoyable in a compressed, high speed, musically very proficient yet still incredibly cheesy kind of way.
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Today, I do not live.

I am seated at my desk here at work, and one word is going through my head endlessly. That word is "Wuuurgh". I'm tired despite having had over six hours sleep - a good night of sleep for me on a weeknight - and can't really focus on anything because my brain is far too busy saying "Wuuurgh" over and over again.

I could try to stop it, but I suspect that "Wuuurgh" is also the mantra which is preventing me from falling asleep. I'm also (once again) quite a necessary person in the office today... so can't just climb under my desk and sleep, despite how tempting that might seem.

Should probably start thinking about Dark Ages shortly, but I must confess to being utterly wiped out at the moment in general, and I think I might be starting to approach burnout where darkages is concerned. Hopefully stuff we worked out prior to last months game will sort that out, and a bit of a new twist at the last game could get me fired up again, I hope. If not, well, I'm only there until december, then I'll be stepping down like I always said I would.

Of course... there are plotlines I've always said I'd like to run, and there's a chance I'll get invovled again just to run them if they've not happened already before I step down.
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So, next friday is my Birthday.

I'm not doing a huge party this year, because whenever I do I hardly ever get to actually talk to anyone for any length of time. They're fun, but I like something different occasionally. So, this year I'm going to be doing a small gathering at which I feed people. Some folks may take note of the fact that this seems somewhat turned about... with me cooking and doing all the work on my birthday. This is because I actually enjoy feeding small mobs every once in a while, and I get to experiment with unusual food that I can't cook for just one or two.

Actually, my current plan this time is as follows:
Cook a big heap of Chicken Katsu Teriyaki
Cook a vat of noodle soup of some kind
Cook a noodle based dish or two
Cook some vegetable tempura (if I can work out how)
Buy or Cook a bunch of sushi (depending if I can get sushi making kit or not)

Feed to a group of six to eight people, of which I intend to be a part.

Due to not being made of money, I may ask for financial contributions from guests who can afford it, but only to cover food expenses.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?
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I put my phone on charge last night. Naturally, I completely forgot to pick it up this morning...
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...but I do now have a job title that describes what I do in the same terms used by everybody else's job titles. No longer am I a Web Development Support Officer... I am now a Web Design Officer.

Well, more accurately, I have been so for over a year, but now I'm actually allowed to say that I'm the web design blokey. I also no longer have "support" in my job title, which is a plus.

Next stop: Payrise. Or else, damnit.
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Dear god! I just halved the number of mailing lists I'm subscribed to just by unsubbing from the assorted CamUK mailing lists I was on on Yahoogroups.

What will my inbox do now? Will it get bored, go out and get drunk in bus shelters and shout at passers by? Maybe I should create a mailing list for my forthcoming UA game... It's either that or a livejournal community.
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So, today I most definately do not live. At all. Not even close.

I've mostly recovered from the plague, but just because my body couldn't let me actually feel halfway decent (it's the rules, apparently) it decided that I wasn't going to be sleeping last night. I got to sleep okay, but then I woke up again... and again... and again, and so on until the morning. So I got some sleep, but never in lumps of greater than about half an hour.

The result is a somewhat less than conscious and fully functional [ profile] eggwhite. In spite of this, I have already managed to have a productive and useful meeting, which will most probably result in my finishing all the work I need to do on a particular project sometime this afternoon...

As for the weekend... Well, I had an enforced long weekend starting with Thursday, when the doctor told me to go home. The advice was good, as I was feeling almost human by Saturday, when I travelled in to spend a day with [ profile] izzy_stradlin. Took her to see Serenity, which seemed to go down rather well. Not hugely surprising as it is a mighty film.

Alas, there was a slight case of lost scarf in the cinema, which was looking like it could put a dampener on the day. After a bit of wandering about whilst the next showing finished, though, the manager blokey let us back into the screen and the scarf was rescued.

I had planned to go and see Night Watch on the same day, but after one film I was already coughing and spluttering enough, so I decided not to and spent the rest of the day with [ profile] izzy_stradlin instead. It was a good choice, and I will go see the film another time...

On sunday I walked to Homebase to buy a bunch of storage boxes, which I then used to sort some of the stuff in my cupboards. A worthwhile activity, but tiring and dusty, so I started coughing and sneezing again. Bah! I then played around with [ profile] izzy_stradlin's old accoustic guitar again, trying a strange tuning so that I can attempt some cranes songs... Tuned it down a semitone on each string. Even managed to coax some halfway decent sounds out of it, although it'll be a while before I actually render those sounds recognizable.

In the evening [ profile] nuuki let me usurp his PC so I could continue with Half-Life 2. Damned ant-lions. Get back in the Starship Troopers film where you belong... and stop eating me!
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Last night involved much rain and thunder and lightning, which really ought to have cooled things off and reduced the muggyness. Unfortunately it didn't. It just meant that it was muggy, wet and loud all at once. Unhelpful when you are trying to sleep.

As a result, to day I am mostly buh?

Modern mystics game tonight, then I go to bed early, I think.

In other news, in my bedroom I have a fan at one end of my window, and the curtain is pulled back in such a way that when the curtains are closed, the fan is still clear. Last night I had the curtains closed and the fan turned on. Whenever there was lightning it looked like my fan had turned into a strobe light. It was really quite freaky to watch.
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Didn't sleep hugely well last night due to drinking too many sugary drinks. That's what happens when I can't drink - I drink sugary things instead. Then, of course, I randomly woke up early. I finally gave up and got out of bed at about 8am.

Then today I enacted a food plan, feeding a small assortment of less-often-seen folks. It was all experimental food, and some parts of it succeeded more than others, although nothing turned out to be vile and inedible, so I think it was a success in general. I do think I shall be making the "dirty rice" again, though. For something I randomly cobbled together based (very loosely) on a random recipe from the web, I think it worked quite well. It's quite cheap to make, too, although I'll probably add some meat next time, which will make it a bit more expensive.

The result of all of this is that I am tired. I will try for an early night, but I have no idea how that idea will pan out. Will have to wait and see, I guess.
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I am now at level 15 of the evil puzzle thing of horror.
Once again, I am utterly stumped.

Edit: now on 17. Getting kind of evil now...
Edit 2: 18. Okay - Sometimes I need to think less complex thoughts...
Edit 3: Some of my attempts lead to things that are non-work-safe. Best stop there for now, I think.
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Well, I slept like a log last night. Until about 6am, anyway. Then I woke up, and proceeded to wake up againand a again every 20 minutes or so until my alarm went off. However, this means I'm not nodding off at my desk today, which is always a bonus. Unfortunately my shoulders are aching and I have a slight headache. Oh well.

Tonight I go in to London to visit [ profile] izzy_stradlin, after abandonning any form of physical exertion yesterday.

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