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I'll get right to the point:

I've been having some insomnia related problems of late, and recently took the step of going to the doctor's to get myself back on track.

It's not the first time this has happened, so I caught it a bit earlier than last time. This time I was down to around 20-22 hours sleep a week, with a bit of variation - so more than double the amount I was getting last time I had serious insomnia problems. This time I'd noticed my general health deteriorating sooner (probably due to being older) and so didn't leave it as long before admitting it was a problem that wasn't going to sort itself out and going for medical help.

What had been happening was that I'd force myself to get up for work, then have to force myself to stay awake and functional through the work day... which meant that when evening came, my body had pumped itself full of "stay-awake" chemicals - assisted by a diet that was full of things to keep me awake in daytime. Unfortunately, those things that kept me awake in daytime hung around to keep me awake at nightime - resulting in another bad night's sleep ended by my having to get up for work... and it kept going round and round, with less and less sleep happening in the middle of it all.

I took a few days off here and there to give myself some longer weekends so I could recover a bit - but longer weekends and days off don't help when you still don't actually get any more sleep in them. So I decided it was time to see the doctor again.

For the past week or so, I've been on medication which doesn't knock me out, but does counter the foolish brain chemistry that has been preventing me from going to sleep in the evenings. The idea is that the medication doesn't send me to sleep - it just takes away the self-perpetuating brain-chemistry feedback loop which has been keeping me awake, allowing my body to naturally readjust.

Mostly, for the past week or so, I've been getting close to normal amounts of sleep. Still a little shy of what I should be getting, but getting better almost every night. The medication also brings with it a few delightful side effects, which are supposed to pass fairly quickly. To be honest, I thought they had passed, as I'd felt mostly fine for the past couple of days, but today they decided to reappear with a vengeance.

I don't remember them from last time, so I'm guessing they won't hang around for long. Then again, last time I was signed off work for the first week of the prescription... so I may have had a slightly smoother ride. I wasn't in a bad enough state to need that this time around, though.

In general, things have been working okay so far - with today being the first real exception. I woke up this morning with no energy whatsoever and feeling dizzy and nauseous as hell. Thankfully, declaring myself off sick and going back to bed dealt with the nausea and dizzyness by early afternoon. although I've remained utterly wiped out all day. Lying down shouldn't be a tiring activity, but today it has been. Had I gone in to the office I may have been able to make myself useful as a doorstop... but I think that role is better served by, y'know, actual doorstops.

Instead, I've spent the day either being asleep or being so out of it that I may as well have been asleep. I'm still pretty shattered even now. Which is good, really, because it'd be rather unfortunate to not be able to sleep tonight as a result of being medicated for insomnia. It'd be the really annoying kind of irony.

So, the point of this long rambly post?

I'm not sure there is one, other than to say the following:

Yes, I've been sleeping increasingly poorly for the past few months.
Yes, I've been having some other health problems as a result.
Yes, I'm dealing with it and will recover soon.
I will be fine just as soon as I can get the chain back on my sleep cycle.
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So, when I'd finished taking the antibiotics a couple of weeks ago, all was good. Sure, so I was still coughing up the occasional bit of muck, but it was good, clean muck, not chest infection badness. Basically, my body finishing the cleanup after the chest infection. Except that I'm still doing it.

If I have a day of relaxation and doing nothing, then I'm fine. If I try and actually do anything, the cough reappears... and I'm pretty sure it's very slowly getting worse rather than better.

So today, I go to the doctor again today to get it checked out. Again.
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So, here's a bit of an update on the current state of my plague:

cut as potential TMI )
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So, I've been quiet for a few days. Most folks will have gathered from my occasional utterances that I'm ill. Again. With yet another chest infection... or perhaps not. It's definitely a chest infection, but it might not be another one. It might be the same one. Yes, the same one that I had late last year, around the same time that I also had flu and the evil, evil Norovirus. I thought it had gone away, but apparently it may not have - instead choosing to just not present me with any noticeable symptoms.

Anyway - whatever's going on, the thing that's going round right now got to me and my old friend the dormant chest infection appears to have said "Plenty of room down here in the lungs! come on in!". As such, I'm under strict doctor's orders to not even consider going back to work until I am 100% better. He signed me off for this week, and has said he'll sign me off for as much of next week as I need - which hopefully will be none of it, but if I need a day or two, I'll take them.

[ profile] izzy_stradlin has popped over a couple of times, which has been nice... although I really hope she doesn't get this. Then again, if she did, it'd probably not go to her lungs... that's a special horror reserved for people who call themselves [ profile] eggwhite on the internet, apparently.

Anyway - today, I am actually feeling pretty good. Okay, so I can't breathe properly, I have pulled muscles in my chest and abdomen from coughing so hard and I feel like I've been punched in the adam's apple... but that's a massive improvement to earlier in the week, so I'm actually quite cheery. Which is nice.

Of course, now that I'm awake and vaguely compos mentis a reasonable amount of the time, I am getting quite bored. I haven't been able to stay focussed enough to read much, which is irritating. I've not been able to sit comfortably enough to play computer games... although I think I probably can now, so I'll try that shortly. After that, I may see if I can finish off my review of Charles Stross's "Halting State" and post that up here too. I stalled a bit on it due to plague, and now I can't remember a couple of things I wanted to mention... but it'll do until I can read and review "Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang" by Kate Wilhelm, which is the current book for the SF book club I just joined.

Now if only I didn't feel like I was thirteen again, having just been forced to do cross country in the middle of winter when I'd forgotten my Ventolin... Wheeze wheeze *cough*.
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Okay... last night was less than good. I am definitely ill. Not even working from home - just full on crashed out ill. Urgh.
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I've still got this sodding cold. I want it gone already - it's turned my week into a pile of crap in which I've gotten very little done outside of work (I've been working from home and have got loadsof stuff done in that regard). To top it off, as is traditional whenever I have a cold for any length of time, I've got a painful mouth ulcer.

Plague bastards, kicking me when I'm down.

Anyway... In other news, can people who want me to get tickets for them for plays (next Friday & Saturday, 7th & 8th March) comment hereabouts or drop me an email saying how many they want and on which days. I'll book them in advance for you and you can pick them on the door.
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You know how mothers always tell kids to wrap up warm when they have a cold, even if they feel warm already? How they tell them to not go outside in the cold? How they tell you not to overdo it?

I'm currently living proof that they know what they're talking about.

the whole story... )

For the next show, I think I'll stick to my old job of sitting at the back of the room by the lighting desk. Either that or I might consider acting, but only a small role if I do.

[EDIT: It may not seem like it from the above, but I did in fact enjoy doing the shows. It was hard work, and it made me ill more than I'd like, but it was fun. I'll still be doing shows, but will probably be less involved with the pantomimes as this one ate more of my life than I had spare...]
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It would appear that in one of the cold snaps we've been having recently, my car has sprung a rather unfortunate leak. I say "unfortunate" as it's so far defied any attempts to locate it, despite that fact that any coolant you pour into the top rapidly drops out of the bottom. You can tell that liquid goes in, and liquid comes out, but what happens in between is anybody's guess.

This, as you might imagine, puts the kibosh on some of my Christmas plans. Instead, I think that I might well hire a car and deal with fixing mine at a later date. If I can get one from my preferred hire place, it actually works out cheaper than (or at least equivalent to) what I'd expect the financial hit of arranging insurance for a borrowed car.

Panto went well. My first go at actually being backstage crew for a show, rather than sitting out front or in a control room. Incredibly tiring, especially due to the unwelcome interference of a cold... combined with it being really hot an sweaty in the wings and absolutely *&!%ing freezing outside the stage door (where we end up having to go a fair bit). Next year I don't think I'll do the panto, as I have too much other stuff I need to do at this time of year. Also, it's given me plague far too often.

Still, it was fun, in a horrifically gruelling, hard working, heavy lifting kind of way.

I'll still do other shows, though, and I might help with the set build stuff and not get involved otherwise.
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...every time I've gone near the panto I'm working on, I get ill! Because I'm standing in for one of the stage hands on today's performances (rather than just assisting them on the last two), I have developed a filthy, stinking cold.

Still, I've survived one of today's performances with no major catastrophes... one more to go, then the after-show party (which I'll go for a bit of) and the takedown. After that, I can have a life again.

Incidentally, this lot are doing Alan Bennett's "Habeas Corpus" in may. If anybody's interested in getting involved, give me a shout.
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Right... since I've not been updating much lately, I thought I'd do a quick potted summary of what I've been up to for the past week and a half.

This is me, however, and I have a tenancy to be quite frank about illness. I poke fun at it after the fact because it helps make sure I never hide illness away and refuse to deal with it. Also, I'm occasionally just a bit vile that way out of sheer contrariness.

So, with that in mind, there will be parts of this that are TMI, so if you're disturbed by things relating to illness (particularly to do with regurgitation), stop reading now. If you're fine with them, and want the full fœtid tale of my recent days, read on beyond the cut...

here begins the story )
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So... I have now done the whole "doctor" thing...

Looks like when the Flu (for he agrees that's what it was) was tanking my immune system, a rather antisocial bacterial chest infection snuck in, and is right now making itself at home and getting ready to stay a while. Putting it's feet on the sofa, leaving dirty plates around... that kind of thing.

But NO! For now I have Amoxycillin! Puny bacteria! You cannot stand before the germ destroying might of Amoxycillin! (Unless you're MRSA or somesuch, but that seems unlikely.)
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Today's Plague Update: Severe lingering cough, leaving the throat already raw by early morning.

I have had enough of this bastard of a cough. It's showing no signs of shifting. It's not getting better, and it's not getting worse. I coughed through most of the night, and today I've already coughed myself so raw that I think much more might actually cause damage to my throat. So I'm working from home so I can go to the doctor and see what he thinks.

I've also run out of cough medicine. So I guess I'll pick some more up after the doctor, along with anything else he tells me to get.
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I've still got this lingering plague, damnit. Today I'm coughing slightly less (so far) but the slight dizzyness is back , which I don't consider to be a good sign at all. It's a lot less significant than before, in that I can stand up and move around without any real issues, but it's annoying all the same.

In other news, I bought "The Orange Box" set of half-life related stuff the other day. Portal is weird but very cool, and with much humour that appeals to me. Episode 2 is shaping up to be as mightly as the earlier games in the series, although I've not gone hugely far with it just yet. Obviously, Team Fortress 2 is going to require that I hop online to try it out... Which I may do at some point. Probably when some other folks have picked it up too so we can give it a proper go. It looks cool, and with a lot of cartoony humour as well.
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Well, I'm feeling a lot better today than I have done since about tuesday evening (when I started to feel quite rough on my way home and then *really* rough partway through rehearsal), but I'm still clearly plagued. However, unlike the past couple of days, I'm also largely functional... so I'm working from home today.

I'll probably spend tonight continuing to be antisocial, largely because I'm pretty sure you guys don't want this plague. As for the weekend... well, if I'm feeling human enough, I'll go along to DA. Otherwise I'll likely spend the time relaxing. Possibly go swimming on Sunday, since I couldn't go on wednesday due to being far too wretched at the time.
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So.. second day of being off sick.

I'm actually feeling better than I did yesterday in some ways, and worse in others, which is kind of odd. I've still got no energy to speak of, though, so I'm not going to be doing much. I'm not even going to be sitting at a PC much, as I'm already getting wiped out after about 20 minutes of spod time this morning. It's bad when sitting and spodding can wipe you out.

I suspect I'll be sitting in bed, or on the sofa downstairs, either reading or facing the TV (not entirely the same as watching - watching implies some form of taking it in...).

Anyway - the big plus today is that I don't seem to be constantly dizzy anymore! I'm coughing and sneezing more than I was, but TMI ).

Anyway - that's enough of that. I'm off to lie down somewhere.
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Damnit. I have a cold. How tedious.

Also, the view from my office window is now a view of scaffolding, which suggests to me that we'll soon have more crashing and banging going on... I was hoping I'd missed all of that whilst I was on leave. Ah well.

Today I have mostly been attempting to catch up on a week's worth of past emails. Slow going, as there seem to be rather a lot of them. One of my colleagues has been off sick since yesterday, too, so I've got stuff to deal with that would usually be on his plate. Bah.
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Third day home sick with a stomach bug. I want this to go away now.

Thankfully I feel less poo than I did yesterday, so I might actually be getting somewhere with that...
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So, today, despite feeling more than a little poo, I fought my way into work. I did this because today was our deadline for completing work prior to going live, with the potential for a "fix it" day tomorrow if we're lucky.

Upon arrival, I found that I had no external internet access, and no connection to our CMS server. This meant that I could do no work, and that I could also not do much of anything else. At about 10:00 we got access back, albeit sporadically. So I've been fighting through trying to get anything done, with very little success. Made a bit of progress since then, but not a vast amount.

Oh, and my access to our CMS server's just gone again. Joy!
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So, I spent yesterday making roughly no sense and generally either curled up asleep or wishing I was curled up asleep. This sinus thing is getting old very quickly and I want it to be done with. Still haven't heard anything from the hospital, though. Back in work today, although I'm not sure of the wisdom of this...

What bugs me most is that I keep having to remind people that I'm ill - which I hate. I've had the same dull headache for two and a half / three months, and every now and then it really kicks in and gives me something worse. I've found myself getting increasingly grouchy, and keep making stupid mistakes at work.
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So, last night I was ill (TMI?) ) four about three or four hours. This meant that I ended up with 3-4 hours less sleep than I should have had... I was already knackered, and was late going to bed as I'd foolishly fallen asleep earlier in the day, putting my sleep pattern out of whack.

My stomach still doesn't feel right, but I came into work anyway as I have far too much to do, and because I know full well that when my stomach's like that it doesn't really make a blind bit of difference what I'm doing, so I might as well get some work done.

Of course, now I'm here I'm not getting a vast amount done. Making progress, so it's worth me being here, but not very fast progress. Tonight, I shall collapse in a heap and do nothing, most likely.

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