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Well, that was a bit of a bugger. It shouldn't have been, and wouldn't have been if I hadn't set myself some stringent restrictions.

Basically, Habeas Corpus isn't a complex play to light. So, since the overall thing is pretty simple, I decided to experiment a bit and see if I can do some clever stuff to make it really, really good. Tricks like subtle differences in colour between frontlight from left and right to help pick out detail of peoples faces... Tricks like trying to get an even light across the evil bastard of a stage (*) by adding lights in unusual places..

Even worse, as we need to leave a functional generic rig after the show and have limited getout time, I tried to keep modifications to the generic rig to a minimum. As it is, I'm adding colour to a few lanterns (which we can remove quickly and easily) and refocussing one slightly, but I think in the refocussed position it'll still fulfil its purpose in the generic rig... It'll just be useful to me as well.

I also think that the fuse I replaced a few weeks ago in one of the dimmer racks may have gone again... which is a pain. But if it hasn't gone again then the channel's gone on the desk, which is worse.

Still, I think I now have the plot done. It'll change when I start rigging - they always do, when I discover what's broken since I last did stuff, or what the director's changed lately... or that my clever tricks don't work because of the colour of a costume...

But the initial plot is done and dusted.

* - The stage: when fully extended, it's actually slightly deeper than it is wide, and has the most inconveniently placed lighting bars and proscenium arch I've ever seen. The curtains and lighting bars above the stage are also so low down that it's very restrictive for back and side light. It's probably really good for a gig, but it's a bit of a git for a play where the lighting needs to be unobtrusive. We also have lanterns that are perfectly good, but not entirely appropriate for the size of the venue...
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As a few of you might have gathered, I kind of dropped off the planet for a while.

I've been off doing theatre. It'd been a while, but I'd decided to get back into doing stage lighting and whatnot. The culmination of this was the recent production of Wyrd Sisters that took place in Englefield Green (no link at present, alas). My contribution can largely be identified as the fact that the play did not take place in the dark.

Well, that's not entirely fair, as they'd have had some light if I'd not been there, but I made it all fancy and stuff. Now, with the performances and set strike out of the way, there's only the CRAP to go... then I have time to have a life again.

This means that I'll be getting back on with planning for Transhuman Space. I have a few characters to generate, some plotlines to tidy up, some gamedates to pick and a [ profile] lawrencegillies to beat and then it's looking good to go. Perhaps a little smaller than I'd originally hoped for, but I've got enough players to beat my minimum number.

At some point in the near future I'll also be starting to prep for SCARE, which should be interesting.

In other news, I'm back at work now... and my technical co-worker is off on leave. My manager's taken ill, so won't be in either. So, once again I have the joy of being the only tech-capable web person on site. Expect me to be stressed and exhausted for a while...
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Well, I've now built myself a flickering fire effect using a bunch of fluorescent tube starters, bulbs (& holders), wires and assorted other gubbins. It works rather well, and produces the effect of fire without any of the real stuff.

Right now it's a little on the electrically unsafe side as it's not properly double insulated, but I'll fix that before it's put to proper use. It just needs an insulated mounting plate to fix the components to inside the box so that they stay put, then I can seal it all into the box properly.

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