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...and has an login?

There's a thread about LARP on's "roleplaying open" forum. More specifically, the thread had somebody asking how a LARP is run, how it "runs" and what actually happens at a session.

I've posted a fairly large and rambling "how we run things" kind of post, but I think a bit of input from players (or other STs) would probably help the thread along, and help the original poster get a decent idea. The thread's already had it's share of the traditional "your fun is bad wrong fun" type responses, and I think it deserves a few more responses from people who actually enjoy games.

The thread can be found at
My post is post #60 (page 6 in the default view).
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Having started at around 9am (ish) this morning, and only had a couple of breaks (not short ones, admittedly), I've just finished prepwork for Mage at Lammas Fair tomorrow. What's really annoying? It's quite likely that much of it won't ever get seen or used. But I had to do it anyway, because if I hadn't prepped it then we'd have needed every single bit.

That's how being an ST works, folks!

EDIT: The "started 9ish today" bit was for today's bunch of prepwork. It was far from the first I've done for this game...


4 July 2005 11:10
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I didn't sleep hugely well last night. Got about 4 hours or so, though, which is enough to function provided I relax tonight.

So... here's the obligatory weekend update:

Went into Staines to buy new jeans and underwear. Came back with two pairs of each. Next weekend I will be returning to staines to exchange one of the pairs of jeans which is clearly not the same size as the pair I tried on, despite being labelled as such.

After this, I watched a bit of Carnivale, followed by rather a lot of Live 8. Of course, I couldn't quite handle watching some of the acts, so I made use of the "interactive" gubbins and watched a few bits from the other concerts around the world.

In all, some of the acts were just plain mighty, and some were good, and one or two I just wasn't really interested in. Basically, if they'd been performing for more than about 20 years then they were mighty. Without fail. The act which did surprise me with how good they were was Keane, who I normally find bland and uninspiring. Considering two of the three band members were fixed in place, and how nervous they seemed backstage beforehand, they really belted it out and maintained a decent stage presence. Pleasantly surpised.

Sunday was eaten entirely by Mage. I finished preparing the second "radio free gaia" broadcast in the morning, played around with some NPC gubbins in the early afternoon, then went up to the game. I reckon the game was fairly harsh, but in a good way. Two PCs didn't return from a mission, and several of those that did get back were more than a little screwed over by paradox, one of which will be ongoing for a while, I believe.

Speaking of which... [ profile] themadone, Mike has been posting on the national mage lists. I would imagine that his current "problem" poses something of a hindrance. Think on this, and prepare appropriate responses. I'm sure it's feasible, but I think you need to let us know how you're handling it!

I think we also stirred things up a little with some visiting NPCs later in the game. All good fun.
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So... an update!

Well, I'm knackered. I'm currently slumped at my desk trying to will up the energy to do some work... I'll get there soon, I'd imagine. Webstats processiong. Dull, tedious, but not exactly taxing.

But anyway - I've not been posting much recently. This has been due to the past two weekends having been taken up by my helping my mum move into her new house. It's a nice house, albeit currently full of boxes. The first time I was there my time was mainly focussed on preparing the place for stuff to be moved into by diong things like re-roofing the shed and replacing the roof over a covered area between the shed and the garage. I also ripped out cupboards and did lifting and carrying and the like. This left me feeling like indonesian fighting midgets had been having a go at my muscles and joints with sledgehammers and sandpaper. Also, I ate granary bread and so destroyed a tooth. I think I lost a filling.

I then spent the bank holiday monday crashed out, and then had two days of slow and tedious work followed by collapse at home. And being careful with food due to hole in tooth. I've contacted dentist peoples, but so far it's been to no avail.

By the second weekend (well, Thursday, Friday and Saturday really) the removal men had been and had delivered far too many heavy boxes of stuff, carefully stacking them in a way that meant that the stuff that can stay in boxes for ages was easily accessible and the stuff that needed unpacking straight away was all buried at the bottom of a stack and surrounded by at least four other stacks. So I did a lot of moving of boxes and making of shelves. But I also got my mum's TV, Video & DVD all working, so there's now stuff to do when not moving boxes or unpacking.

Got back on Saturday late afternoon, and crashed. I should have been doing mage prep., but was dead, so didn't. I then overslept on Sunday morning, but it turned out not to matter as I managed to record the radio show I planned to use in the mage game. I wasn't surprised to find that my microphone is somewhat crappy, but the scale of its crapiness was rather impressive. Still, it basically worked in the end. Radio show worked well. Also, I was surprised to find that when you lower the pitch of my voice by five semitones I sound quite a lot like Alan Moore. Who'd have thought it?

At the mage game it became apparent to me that I was too dead to be STing, really... Still, it turned out okay I think. Especially since we didn't actually decide on plot until around lunchtime. The radio show broke people though, which was good.

Today, I overslept and was a little bit late to work, but not enough for anybody to mind. But now I'm bored. I suppose I'd better process our web stats. Or I could entertain myself by lying on the floor and dropping heavy things on myself. It'd be considerably more pleasant...
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Well, today was Runnymede Mage, and I feel it went pretty well. All suitably unhinged... A nice clean-cut plot involving technology that nobody understands doing strange things when poked, resulting in the acidental abduction of a chunk of the population of a nearby village by tripods with tentacles.

Of course, chaos and confusion reigned as PCs gassed each other and accidentally murdered kittens... and that was just [ profile] lawrencegillies. Now the arguments and recriminations will fly. I do have to wonder if other games almost always end up with inter PC bickering, even after an outing that could generally be considered successful (in the sense that things didn't seem to actively get worse as a result...).

But I got to have tripods come out of an cylinder of alien origin that was found on Horsell Common. This makes me happy. Ah, the perils of sharing your downed alien vessel with a slightly quirky german scientist.

As ever, Mage is just great fun to run... Many thanks to [ profile] themadone, [ profile] majic13, [ profile] izzy_stradlin, [ profile] inquis, [ profile] nemy, [ profile] anonymous_james, [ profile] lawrencegillies, [ profile] sebastian_oaks, [ profile] lucifermourning, [ profile] uveron and DST [ profile] urizen & fellow ADST [ profile] satyrica. Not to mention all the people I expect I've forgotten. Be fair... STing mage destroys minds!
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Today, the office is mostly baking like a kiln and a little windswept. (Watches as an 8 page printed document is blown clear across the room and held against the side of a co-worker's monitor by the breeze alone). Okay, a lot windswept.

Well, I've not updated recently, so here goes:

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