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I have just ended up looking at a wikipedia page for a variety of reasons. The page in question contains the most fantastic graph I have ever seen... to the point that I had to check I wasn't looking at the uncyclopedia instead of wikipedia. But it's actually a sensible graph. It has meaning and purpose - which just makes it even better! That such a graph could actually present meaningful information rather than being a joke is just astounding!

The page in question can be found here. You should be able to work out which graph I am referring to without too much effort.
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This amuses me.

I reckon I could write something that'd fool it (see below), but it would be processor intensive enough that the people with reasons to need to fool it probably wouldn't want to bother.

How to fool it:
a) MLP using spread-sample colourvalue inputs. Train with feline/non-feline images with correct classifications provided for desired outputs. When presented with new images would categorize into feline/non-feline results.
b) MLP trained using spread-sample colourvalue inputs, Train with feline images only, using input pattern for desired outputs. When presented with new images, feline images would produce an output similar to input, non feline would produce an output very different from input.
c) Kohonen using spread-sample colourvalue inputs trained with a sample of feline images. When presented with subsequent images, error vector would be of lower magnitude for feline images, higher magnitude for non feline.

There are probably easier or more appropriate ways, but these are the ones that leap to my mind.
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This amuses me. It comes courtesy of the link of the day over at User Friendly...
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So, I was looking for Udon recipes on the web (ie: things to do with udon noodles to make them a bit more interesting than just plain noodles), and had to do a double take.

I know the word means more than it's current accepted meaning here in the western world, but I really had to keep reminding myself of that.
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Once again, an related post.

In this thread, a poster called cjh brought something to everyone's attention:

A tube map with all of the station names replaced with anagrams!

Edit: I am particularly fond of "Aleph & Tentacles", "Woolier Cods", "Snowmobile Thud", "Warped Skidoo" and "Wifely Stench"
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Because this news story reminds me of it rather a lot!
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These instructions may be of use to some of you. I shall name no names, but I know your plans!
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So, here I am in London on training. It's lunchtime at the moment, so I'm getting a bit of spodding done, and adding an LJ post about the toilets here, because they're kind of strange.

First off, there's three doors rather than the traditional two. One of them is labelled with the traditional stick man iconography for a man, meaning Gents. The next is labelled with the traditional iconography of a single pillar legged, skirt wearing woman. So far this all seems normal.

Then there's the third door, which is labelled with iconography indicating a skirt wearing woman with not one but two legs!

What's that about, then? A toilet for men, a toilet for women and a toilet for skirt-wearing monopods? Men, women and scotsmen? Are you only permitted to use the middle one if your legs have been fused together, forcing you to wear skirts?

Can the world stand this confusion?
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1. Pick a song everyone knows.
2. Take the lyrics to babelfish (<>) and translate:
   a. English to German
   b. German to French
   c. French to English
3. Copy out the result and see who can guess the song.

Once after slag of glass of sugar refinery an end with long the floppity ears and belly Fudge-Zeit swell cuddly fluffinesses magic, and bubbles and Geplapper like shiney a baby with large to lubricate little matured and ready Windel to eat the kichert completely. I am maladivement tired, patient and of these words, by which I am fed. The feelings me are held deep to make run whole time. To murmur goes from the average age bouncy bubblegum to the lock, in which large bad Boogley-Mann saw theirs with all this plum confronted primadonnas and to leave taenzelnd, plaetschernden roles at the Miniaturhinken house of Polterns hinterteil-fetten of Abprallens far from the walls another mortal Rhumba.... second time... I am maladivement tired, patient and of these words, by which I am fed. The feelings me are held deep to make run whole time. First time of the sea, Melassebauchfudgezeit-Schokolade thing. Second mark of the sea, Melassebauchfudge-Zeitfestlichkeit. I am a cuddly the ball of Flaums and thus am all my friends. We play all during the day, to receive the recreation, on which our life depends. But, while the smiling sun goes downwards on the country of belly, the desert of the orders are swallowed in direction in direction us and with us by sand. First time of the sea, Melassebauchfudgezeit-Schokolade thing. Second mark of the sea, Melassebauchfudge-Zeitfestlichkeit.

(Some of the resulting lyrics from this one really do frighten me!)
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Time travelling strangeness can be found at:

There's not a lot of information supplied before you start going into the posts themselves, just a set of dropdown boxes. My own personal belief is that this is a very well executed hoax by somebody in a related part of the scientific community.

But all the same, it's a damned impressive piece of hoaxing - it hangs together well, the guy keeps a consistent voice and attitude the whole way through, it's pretty internally consistent. Whoever's behind it has a pretty decent grasp of a whole bunch of different things from politics to science, as they've had to make some pretty decent educated guesses about what will or will not be big news...

It's good enough that if america starts going a bit more nuts than usual over the course of the next year, then some little alarm bells might start ringing in my mind.
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Return of the Taoist heating engineers... last night the boiler decided it had had enough (already), so they're back... although it looks like it was fairly trivial to fix.

As appears to be my usual state of affairs, I have no idea what I'm going to do today... until this evening, where I go to the pub, as usual. I will start getting a reputation for bringing strange people with me - this week, Suzanne (one of my Ex-Girlfriends) will be around... as she lives in camberley now, which is slightly nearer than Leeds (where she used to live).

Camberley is obviously the centre of the universe. Last week my brother was there (and came to the pub with me last thursday) and this week somebody else I know is coming round... from camberley.

It does seem that all things will at some time gravitate to camberley. When the universe eventually starts to collapse and coalesce back into one entity, that entity will be camberley.
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Well, I was at the pub earlier this evening. This is a normal occurrence for me on a thursday. However, a bunch of us didn't want to just go home and be bored afterwards, so we decided to walk to America.

This may seem unusual, since the pub is in Egham, Surrey, England. Quite near to London, in fact.

[side note | this is not that common in the UK - contrary to popular belief, not all of the UK is near to London.]

But it is not that difficult, as just down the hill is an area of American soil with giant stone brick on it. It's actually the John F Kennedy Memorial, but it's basically a stone brick.

But anyway, we walked there. It would normally have taken about 20 minutes, but it took us about 50 as it was dark and we kept getting sidetracked.

So there you go. We walked to america after going to the pub.
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Biros (and other cheap disposable ballpoint pens) have worked out that their days are numbered. At the moment their breeding programs are still keeping their number high, but this will not last. The increase in computer based technology is steadily decreasing human reliance upon pens, resulting in a generally lessened biro population, which can only spell doom for their agressive reproduction and housing population programs.

However, the biros have realised this and are passing on their knowledge to a new breed... PC Components. These insidious beasts will, if given a foothold, take over your home, infesting it with a huge number of green PCBs and grey plastic boxes. The skill transfer is progressing at speed, and soon the biros will take a comfortable back seat, knowing their role in the universe has been properly passed on to their successors.

Who knows... maybe one day PC components will be able to leave a short blue mark on paper before fading away to nothing and leaving only a slight indentation. Then the change will be complete, and Biros will have transferred themselves entirely into PC component bodies.

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