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1) Get home from work.

[EDIT: 1a) Vote.]

2) See [ profile] izzy_stradlin briefly before I get buried in doing other stuff.

3) Go up the hill to rehearsal briefly. Not to do anything related to the rehearsal, but because they want me to be there to do something relating to the upcoming murder mystery night. It's a tongue in cheek SF murder mystery, apparently, and they think I'll be ideal for something. I suspect I'll need to leave my dignity at home for this one.

4) Return from up the hill and head pubwards. I wonder if any of the book club folks will appear? Probably not, but at least two have expressed interest (one via facebook and one via a slightly drunken conversation on the train on saturday night). Pub will probably also involve eating, unless I sort out food with [ profile] izzy_stradlin earlier in the evening.

5) Sleep.
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I've still not completely recovered from my storm induced lack of sleep at the start of the week, which is annoying. I actually got a good night's sleep last night, but that was still not enough to get me back to being properly refreshed. I need a good night's sleep, starting early and ending with a lie-in. I expect I'll get it over the weekend when I'm out at my mums place.

Anyway - today is proving to be an odd day. I was expecting the work I was doing this morning to take me up to early afternoon, with a round of back and forth analysis of it in the later afternoon. I finished it before 11am, and then a meeting got cancelled just before lunch, and nobody's free for the back and forth. As a result, I'm doing bitty little stuff and some investigative work. It's difficult to get my teeth into, but I'm getting fair bit done.

Tonight, since I'm not going to be in Herefordshire (I'm going early tomorrow), I will be going to a production meeting for the upcoming production of Habeas Corpus with St. Jude's Players. I'm not doing anything for the production for a couple of weeks, most likely, but at least I'll be able to find out what shape the stage is likely to be and what kind of stuff is likely to be on it. That'll take me to just after 8pm, at which point I'll stick my head into the pub for a bit. Probably not for very long, as I want to get a good night's sleep and I have an early start tomorrow as I'm driving off to Herefordshire...

My plan for the morning is to leave before 7am. Ideally around 6am, but being properly awake is more important than being en-route, as I'll get more work done if I don't wake up smeared across the back of a lorry. I have to leave that early, as I'm not going to be on leave - I'm actually going to be working from "home" at my mum's place, so I need to get there somewhere in the vicinity of 9am, or at least not a vast amount later. I have some flexibility and can work later as needed to make up for any missed time. But still, I want to work as close to normal hours as possible in case people need me to do stuff...

Then I have a weekend in Herefordshire which I'll probably split between looking after my mum, reading, doing some non-work webby stuff and going and visiting places of interest. Hopefully I'll remember to take a camera. Should be back Sunday afternoon, so I can relax in the evening and be alive for Monday morning.
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So - my nostalgia wave continues. It's been a long time since I last visited Newbury, having gone off to uni in '93 and had my parents move away whilst I was there, just as I was finally starting to catch up on the whole "social skills" thing.

I went back a few times whilst I was at uni, up to around 1995. Holidays and the like, visiting Suzanne (my girlfriend from 1992-1995), etc... Since then I've been there exactly twice. Once to get off a train and into a car (I was in newbury for mere minutes) and once as a lunchtime stopover on a random road trip to glastonbury.

A few photos from that roadtrip can be found on facebook, btw. We had a very brief wander, visited donnington castle, popped into the Captains Cabin (my old regular pub) only to discover it'd been completely changed and was now called "Uncle Henry's". Now it's apparently a big pile of ash, having had a slight run-in with some fire.

We didn't spend very long there on that road trip, and I'd quite like to have a proper wander around to see what's changed and what's the same. Visit a pub or two, wander along the canal for a bit, that kind of thing... Obviously I won't be drinking in the pubs unless I either head there by train or arrange a stopover somewhere...

Anyone out there in LJ-land (or facebook-land, since this gets copied there too) fancy joining me in a visit to the place that inflicted itself on my formative years?
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There is a tentative plan that monday night shall be a Chilli night, due to the presence of a [ profile] cryx in the area (and on these shores, for that matter). As usual, there shall be a significant pile of the stuff.

If people are interested in partaking, they should let me know, so I can ineffectually attempt to tailor the scale of the chilli vat to suit the numbers. I usually get the rice about right, at least.

NOTE: The day may, in fact, change. The plan will remain, but I can't get housemates to confirm that the house will be available until nearer the time, as none of them are around.
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I just had another look at the website for that museum I mentioned recently and noticed that they can be hired. No sign of pricing information or anything, but you can hire the place out for functions, and what's more, you can even have the engines running through your event!

If ever a steampunk / victorian anachrotech style LARP was to be run, it is a place that should be looked at as a venue.

As an aside, I'm kind of vaguely toying with the idea of going along and perusing it on Sunday. They're open, and all of their engines (and their short railway) are running and I don't recall any specific other plans. I even have a train ticket that gets me there without me having to pay any more than I already do.

Anyone else interested in giving it a look?
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So, next friday is my Birthday.

I'm not doing a huge party this year, because whenever I do I hardly ever get to actually talk to anyone for any length of time. They're fun, but I like something different occasionally. So, this year I'm going to be doing a small gathering at which I feed people. Some folks may take note of the fact that this seems somewhat turned about... with me cooking and doing all the work on my birthday. This is because I actually enjoy feeding small mobs every once in a while, and I get to experiment with unusual food that I can't cook for just one or two.

Actually, my current plan this time is as follows:
Cook a big heap of Chicken Katsu Teriyaki
Cook a vat of noodle soup of some kind
Cook a noodle based dish or two
Cook some vegetable tempura (if I can work out how)
Buy or Cook a bunch of sushi (depending if I can get sushi making kit or not)

Feed to a group of six to eight people, of which I intend to be a part.

Due to not being made of money, I may ask for financial contributions from guests who can afford it, but only to cover food expenses.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?
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Well, so far there are four folks eating chilli, including myself. If anybody else wants in, let me know ASAP as I'll start cooking some time in the next half an hour and at that point the amounts get a bit harder to tweak...

In other news, I have largely been lounging. Went to tesco for chilli ingredients, watched I, Robot on DVD, which was a pretty decent no-brain action flick that borrowed a couple of names from some Isaac Asimov stories. I've also got a bunch of graphic novels from the Library which I'll read tonight and tomorrow, after which I'm back to work.
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Well, tonight is my TV watching night, as ever, but I'm wondering about cooking a chilli beforehand. I quite fancy a chilli night, and my options are really tonight or tomorrow night, and tomorrow night the house gets invaded by V:TES or Board Gamers...

So... Who might be interested. I'm prepared to feed up to 8 as long as they are then prepared to let me watch my normal viewing schedule without drowning it out!

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