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It's all gone a bit poo!
So far, today has been... interesting. Things keep breaking, or we keep discovering broken things. What makes it worse is that I keep starting to deal with one thing, and another thing crops up... then my manager declares the newer thing is more important and that I should drop what I'm doing and do this first.

Then, of course, when I'm half way through dealing with that, something else arises. I'm currently about five fixes deep, all in things that were not even on my to-do list this morning, and several of which I don't actually know how the systems work to begin with... so I'm having to learn as I go along each time.

Job Thievery
It seems that my manager has also been thinking about who should replace her. Yesterday when it was just me and her in the office, she mentioned that she was surprised I'm still here, and that she reckons I could do her job better than she could. She enquired if I'd be interested in it when she goes, and when I said yes, she said she'd try and drop hints along those lines to the marketing people who'd make the decisions.

I'm still trying to work out if this is a good thing or a kiss of death.
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I am amused. Yesterday was live date, and IS (which we are no longer a part of) did all of their tech voodoo to make the new site live.

However, it appears that not enough dead chickens were waved at servers, or that the blood sacrifice wasn't pure enough. We have a live new site when looked at from the outside world, but internally we still have the old one. This amuses me greatly.

What amuses me even further is that today is the day of the IS staff conference. This means that there's nobody around from IS at all. So there's nobody to fix it, and it's not something we have any control over.
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All the work-numpties want a piece of me today... I need a "set fire to this person" button on my phone and a "reply with explosion" button on my email client.
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Something is deeply wrong with reality.

It's as if the ourside world has ceased to be...

I only have a sensible amount of work to do - investigative and research work for the upcoming total redesign of the web-presence, a new site design due to the merging of two schools (with a sensible person to work with) and a few every day maintenance tweaks and what have you. I even have a sensible amount of time for the design project.

It's frightening me. I fully expect to be bombed with at least four more design projects, two POOMA fix-this-by-this-time projects, three ego-trip "I need these changes done to show that I'm important" fixes and a whole lot of politics any time now, just to bring things back to normal.

They gave me a "NO" stick, and nothing is really happening that makes me want to reach for it...
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I've run out of work!

That never happens!
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That was quick. I normally allocate 1-2 hours for a "going live in a day or two" meeting (basically, the penultimate meeting before a site goes up) because they always want to change a whole bunch of stuff and I have to spend ages saying why we can't do that if they want us to go live in a day or two.

This one took 20 minutes, half of which was idle chat...
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Right... I've finally finished doing all of the webstatistics analysis. I should have finished yesterday, but for some reason that nobody could be bothered to trace everything started taking about three times as long, so I left it until this afternoon to finish. Now I have no webstats to do until next week!

I've also arsed around with some XML for another area of the site, and am about to go and have a "going live soon" meeting for a different project. Soon, the crap will be off my plate and I'll be doing interesting stuff!
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Well, today I have mostly been farting about with huge databases, and my day looks to continue along those lines...

Over the past few months our webstats analysis has been put off again and again, and whenever I've tried to catch up I've ended up merely holding position - not getting any closer to caught up but not getting further from it either. So today I'm blitzing it. I've already got through three or four weeks worth this afternoon, and will probably catch us up completely in the remaining time...

What's more, I got us one step closer to user agent analysis... We've been recording it for a while, but doing nothing with it. Today I started to change that - although I need to do some work on interpreting what's what from a user-agent string... not as easy a task as it might sound...
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I get roped into helping set up for a training session (should be a 10 minute job), and we get here only to find out that the software's been removed from all the machines...

How handy...
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Well, that was 2 hours of my life I'm not getting back...

Long uberteam meeting (uberteam being the main team that incorporates my team and a couple of others, but still isn't big enough to be a department of its own). Long pointless uberteam meeting. It involved taking our teams strategic objectives and annual operating objectives and matching them up to the department's strategoic objectives and annual operating objectives.

Ours are quite specific, and detail what we're going to do and why.

The overall ones are vague incoherent sentences written in management bollocks by a committee of about 60 people. On close examination, they mean nothing. We are expected to specify which of our objectives supports each of the overall ones, how it does it and why. Nobody knows what any of the main ones mean.

We made it about half way through. We're reconvening another time.

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...for booking the 18th February off due to it being my 30th the day before and the fact that I might have a bit of a drink at the pub. He told me off for being too honest and booking it as holiday rather than just taking it as a sicky like everybody else would.

This is why I like my grandboss.

That said, I probably won't actually drink a huge amount due to my still somewhat weakened nature... Same goes for the party next friday. I'll drink, but not too much as it probably won't take much to make me nod off / pass out / fall over...
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So... first day back at work...

I got in late due to having to come in via the doctors so I could pick up the doctors certificate, but I'm here.

It's now 11:30 and I've only just finished working through my "first pass" of my email - the one where I go through and look for urgent things, delete obvious spam and forward on emails that clearly have nothing to do with me. I'm now having a break, and in a short while I'll have a crack at "second pass", where I actually read some of the non-urgent, probably for me emails.

My manager isn't in, so I have no clue what I'm meant to be doing, as other folks have actually been taking over some of my work for the past fortnight. Even weirder... there's someone else in our office. A new person. We've got a temporary web design bod in to work on our backlog / take up some slack whilst I was away. I have no idea what he's been working on.

Apparently my manager wasn't expecting me to really do anything if I came in today, anyway. I take that as having her blessing to slack off ease myself back into work gently. Which is fair, because I do need to - I'm kind of tired after travelling in and I'm more than a little brain dead. If I tried to do anything taxing right now I reckon I'd probably make a right hash of it.

Bizarrely, one of the emails I picked up on the first pass was non work related, instead being from an old schoolfriend who I've not seen in about 11 and a bit years...
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Well, through skilled negotiation (and mockery) managed to get the POOMA work reduced somewhat - reducing it to a much smaller project... One I'd normally allow 2-4 weeks for (depending on who else was involved).

I was handed the POOMA work to deal with on Wednesday at about 12:30pm.

I finished at 4:54pm today (friday).

The deadline was 5:00pm.

Once again I have bailed us out after somebody else's cockup. Next time I think I'll make them sweat a bit more by finishing less than a minute from the deadline.
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In a rather large kind of way. Yike. In fact, it's something akin to "Holy Jesus Buggery Bollocks!" kind of way. With a side helping of "Holy Mary, Mother of Hairy Arsed Fucknuggets". I am clueless how anybody could expect this to actually be done in a manner that's even close to half-arsed in twice the available time, let alone properly in the available time (<2 days).

Given a week I could bodge it enough that it works & looks okay. I have until friday. With half of friday being eaten by an appraisal (which I also have to prepare for) and another episode of POOMAINT also ending on, you guessed it, friday.


I shall, I suspect, be a little frazzled for the immediate future.
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I've just noticed that I've completely forgotten to take my phone off "forward to voicemail" all morning. Oh well. I'm off for lunch soon, so there's no point taking it off voicemail now. I wonder if I'll remember after lunch, or if it will stay that way until tomorrow... Who can tell?
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Shortly after the lunchbreak, we finished our area. So we were sent off to find other groups who needed sections doing. The fuckers gave me a chunk of the Shakespeare section. Grah! Huge amounts of all of the same code, lots of dusty old books that I needed to open up and look inside the covers because the author and title were no longer visible on the spine.

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Today, we are on a "team building exercise". I put the quotation marks there because it's not a team building exercise at all... they just need to get all of the fine tidying done by the end of term (a big job due to the merging in of the other campus's library), so they've roped everybody in to do it.

So, I have been sorting books into the dewey decimal system, ordering by number, author name and then book title, and tidying them on the shelves. This means that I've also been getting covered in all kinds of crap that just happens to be on the books I'm having to handle. I'm also having to do a lot of reaching up and crouching down, which is starting to put a toll on my back. Allegedly we should be able to all use kicksteps, but there are about two per floor and at least 14 people working on each floor. In other words, no kicksteps...

Of possible interest to [ profile] mistress_fran... The group I'm in is doing half of the fourth floor. It has classics books within it. It will probably be neater than when we started, but sections will still be in chaos as they're being sorted by IT people like me instead of proper library people.

And now my lunchbreak is over, and I must get back to it...
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Well, I'm back at work.

Feeling mostly human again, although I still keep erupting into sporadic coughing fits and my voice has decided to go twice today already.

So now I sit in the office doing drab boring work. Yay. I also need a desklamp, as my corner of the office is all dark and shadowed... Apparently one is being sorted, though, so that's okay. We were possibly going to go out for team drinks tonight, but everybody feels too rough, so we're not... Which means I get to spend an evening relaxing and being mostly non-ill with [ profile] izzy_stradlin, so the ultimate upshot is a good one.

Other than that, not much doing. Most of my christmas shopping is done, with just a few last bits still to get...
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Or more accurately, I pointed out to my manager how my workload has increased, and the fact that the work I was promised would be distributed around the team after Barry was made redundant has been consistently finding it's way to me. I also pointed out that having a major deadline every friday was certainly not helping.

After christmas I am going to be assigned four projects a month, and I get to allocate my own time as I see fit, so long as I work on those projects and so long as any slippage is on the lower priority projects for that month, not the higher ones. I've also managed to get my manager to agree to discuss the project with me before agreeing a deadline for it, rather than just assumning that developing a new website will take a week, regardless of what it is.

These are good things.

For my next trick I intend to ask for a raise in my forthcoming appraisal. My workload and responsibilies are at least as significant as my other team members, and it is my belief (and theirs, thankfully) that I should be paid the same as them. To be fair, my manager probably agrees too. Saying it in an appraisal means it's been raised by the proper means, however, and it'll documented and passed up the management structure...

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