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So - it's a tongue in cheek Star Trek parody murder mystery. I'm in it. So's [ profile] izzy_stradlin. It's £10 per ticket, and includes a Fish & Chip supper (apparently it's traditional for this kind of murder mystery night, or somesuch). The interval includes a quiz type thing, and there's prizes for the groups that do the best job of working out whodunnit.

It's on the 5th of July. Tickets are selling pretty quick, and it's pre-bookings only... So if you want to go to it, you'll need to get tickets soon. Give me a shout if you're interested (along with some cash, ideally) and I'll sort it.

Let me know ASAP if you're interested.
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So, I'm currently buried in things theatrical.

I spent Sunday rigging the lights for Habeas Corpus, followed by a chunk of Tech rehearsal. Last night was the rest of the Tech rehearsal, which from my point of view required remarkably little tech, and a lot of making sure that people's trousers came off easily!

Tonight's the dress rehearsal. After that I actually have a night off, which I intend to spend lounging around and possibly having a couple of Mojitos. On Thursday & Friday I'll be working from home so that I can guarantee getting to the first and second night performances on time... Naturally, I won't be at the pub on Thursday.

Saturday will be the final performance, and I'll actually have most of the day to lounge around and do what I will. After the show will probably be some form of aftershow party - so I'll have to work out how I'm going to get to and from it. I will probably have to prepare and take cocktail ingredients... I did so last time and they went down well enough that I might get lynched if I don't take them again!

Sunday's probably the getout, but there's not actually going to be much to do... I might even get my side of things done before leaving on Saturday night. I'll pop along if I'm needed, but I won't feel compelled to stay to the bitter end like I usually do.

After that, the only lighting I'll be doing for the rest of the year will be for the comedy nights (next one is, I believe, the 27th may 20th may - my first guess was out by a week).

The more astute of you will have noticed that there are actually two more St. Jude's players productions this year. I've declined to do the panto on account of having too much else to do at that time of year - I might help with sunday setbuilds, but won't be doing more than that. Other than that is the Murder Mystery Night... which I won't be doing the lighting for either.

Because I'm in it.

Essentially, it's a 45 minute act in which everything is established and a murder occurs... then a long interval in which everybody has a fish and chip supper and tries to work out whodunnit. It then finishes with a 15 minute second act that reveals all. I believe there may be prizes (or at least no-prizes) for the people who get it right.

This particular murder mystery, by the way, is a firmly tongue-in-cheek SF parody. Think original series Trek and you're on the way there... I'm looking forward to it as I think it'll be a great laugh. It's been a long time since I've done this acting malarkey... not since I was about 16, I think.
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As a few of you might have gathered, I kind of dropped off the planet for a while.

I've been off doing theatre. It'd been a while, but I'd decided to get back into doing stage lighting and whatnot. The culmination of this was the recent production of Wyrd Sisters that took place in Englefield Green (no link at present, alas). My contribution can largely be identified as the fact that the play did not take place in the dark.

Well, that's not entirely fair, as they'd have had some light if I'd not been there, but I made it all fancy and stuff. Now, with the performances and set strike out of the way, there's only the CRAP to go... then I have time to have a life again.

This means that I'll be getting back on with planning for Transhuman Space. I have a few characters to generate, some plotlines to tidy up, some gamedates to pick and a [ profile] lawrencegillies to beat and then it's looking good to go. Perhaps a little smaller than I'd originally hoped for, but I've got enough players to beat my minimum number.

At some point in the near future I'll also be starting to prep for SCARE, which should be interesting.

In other news, I'm back at work now... and my technical co-worker is off on leave. My manager's taken ill, so won't be in either. So, once again I have the joy of being the only tech-capable web person on site. Expect me to be stressed and exhausted for a while...
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...also went pretty well. Again, a couple of bumps, but minor ones. Again, I personally only cocked up once, and that wasn't too major - just brought the lights up a little early on one scene... Ah well! It just meant the actors had to hurry up and get on stage befor it looked too silly. For somebody who's not actually very good at running a lighting desk , I think I'm doing okay... (I'm better at the design, rigging, focussing, etc...)

On another note, anybody who's not been to see the show and wants to, there are tickets available on the door for tomorrow evening's show. Regrettably, the matinee has been cancelled, so tomorrow evening's show is the only remaining show.
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So, today was opening night for the play...

...and it went really well. [ profile] izzy_stradlin was fantastic (no surprise as far as I'm concerned - always knew she'd be fine), [ profile] venturesprite put in a fine turn as the duchess, and the only cast member I'd had worries about put in a stunning effort, got things together and put in a fine performance. It was opening night, so there were a couple of bumps, but as first nights go it was a very good one!

I personally only made one real cockup, and I think I covered it well enough to get away with it.
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Tonight was the first tech rehearsal for the show. Having been lighting designer, I was looking forward to being able to step back a bit and just be followspot operator #1.

It rapidly became apparent that I was not going to just be running followspot #1, but also the lighting desk and (on two of the performances) followspot #2. With some hasty rethinking I reckon I can probably remove the need for followspot #2 with only a few minor losses. Probably less problems from that than would arise from my running two followspots at once.

Me running the desks is going to be interesting, though. For an assortment of reasons, it is not a job to which I am well suited... Still, the tech #1 went with only a few cockups on my part - mostly due to being thrown off by events or interruptions, but a couple just being down to things not being planned correctly on my part.
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Well, I've now built myself a flickering fire effect using a bunch of fluorescent tube starters, bulbs (& holders), wires and assorted other gubbins. It works rather well, and produces the effect of fire without any of the real stuff.

Right now it's a little on the electrically unsafe side as it's not properly double insulated, but I'll fix that before it's put to proper use. It just needs an insulated mounting plate to fix the components to inside the box so that they stay put, then I can seal it all into the box properly.

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