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So - it's a tongue in cheek Star Trek parody murder mystery. I'm in it. So's [ profile] izzy_stradlin. It's £10 per ticket, and includes a Fish & Chip supper (apparently it's traditional for this kind of murder mystery night, or somesuch). The interval includes a quiz type thing, and there's prizes for the groups that do the best job of working out whodunnit.

It's on the 5th of July. Tickets are selling pretty quick, and it's pre-bookings only... So if you want to go to it, you'll need to get tickets soon. Give me a shout if you're interested (along with some cash, ideally) and I'll sort it.

Let me know ASAP if you're interested.
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So... my headache yesterday did mostly clear up, thanks to ibuprofen and a lot of water. This meant that I was able to be an almost functional human being at the show, which was handy. Speaking of the show, the confidence boost of the first night seems to have done a world of good, and second night was much better - a lot less bumps, and the ones that were there were covered pretty well indeed.

So naturally I flubbed a lighting cue. Only a minor one, and in a minor, non-audience-visible way... I turned something down on the master instead of the individual slider, which meant that when I turned up some working light on the stage so that the cast could find their places for the lineup... it didn't actually come on. Oops. Well, they'd spent most of the night groping each other anyway, so doing it again in the dark whilst trying to find their places wasn't really a new experience...

I have also now acquired ingredients for cocktails for the aftershow party... and in a few minutes I'll go and test out my ice-crusher, leaving myself enough time to let fly with the rolling pin if it turns out to be inadequate. I've also discovered that the small treasure-chest style box that I bought the other weekend is ideally sized for a bunch of appropriate plastic glasses, utensils and dry cocktail ingredients... which means I can turn up to the party with a cool box and a treasure chest full of cocktails!

Edit:The Ice-Crusher works... it takes about as long as the bag & blunt intrument method, but is far less messy in general. I think if I take a tupperware tub of some kind as well, ice can be crushed in batches, as one ice-crusher load probably only does about 3 drinks worth...
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So, I'm currently buried in things theatrical.

I spent Sunday rigging the lights for Habeas Corpus, followed by a chunk of Tech rehearsal. Last night was the rest of the Tech rehearsal, which from my point of view required remarkably little tech, and a lot of making sure that people's trousers came off easily!

Tonight's the dress rehearsal. After that I actually have a night off, which I intend to spend lounging around and possibly having a couple of Mojitos. On Thursday & Friday I'll be working from home so that I can guarantee getting to the first and second night performances on time... Naturally, I won't be at the pub on Thursday.

Saturday will be the final performance, and I'll actually have most of the day to lounge around and do what I will. After the show will probably be some form of aftershow party - so I'll have to work out how I'm going to get to and from it. I will probably have to prepare and take cocktail ingredients... I did so last time and they went down well enough that I might get lynched if I don't take them again!

Sunday's probably the getout, but there's not actually going to be much to do... I might even get my side of things done before leaving on Saturday night. I'll pop along if I'm needed, but I won't feel compelled to stay to the bitter end like I usually do.

After that, the only lighting I'll be doing for the rest of the year will be for the comedy nights (next one is, I believe, the 27th may 20th may - my first guess was out by a week).

The more astute of you will have noticed that there are actually two more St. Jude's players productions this year. I've declined to do the panto on account of having too much else to do at that time of year - I might help with sunday setbuilds, but won't be doing more than that. Other than that is the Murder Mystery Night... which I won't be doing the lighting for either.

Because I'm in it.

Essentially, it's a 45 minute act in which everything is established and a murder occurs... then a long interval in which everybody has a fish and chip supper and tries to work out whodunnit. It then finishes with a 15 minute second act that reveals all. I believe there may be prizes (or at least no-prizes) for the people who get it right.

This particular murder mystery, by the way, is a firmly tongue-in-cheek SF parody. Think original series Trek and you're on the way there... I'm looking forward to it as I think it'll be a great laugh. It's been a long time since I've done this acting malarkey... not since I was about 16, I think.
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Well, that was a bit of a bugger. It shouldn't have been, and wouldn't have been if I hadn't set myself some stringent restrictions.

Basically, Habeas Corpus isn't a complex play to light. So, since the overall thing is pretty simple, I decided to experiment a bit and see if I can do some clever stuff to make it really, really good. Tricks like subtle differences in colour between frontlight from left and right to help pick out detail of peoples faces... Tricks like trying to get an even light across the evil bastard of a stage (*) by adding lights in unusual places..

Even worse, as we need to leave a functional generic rig after the show and have limited getout time, I tried to keep modifications to the generic rig to a minimum. As it is, I'm adding colour to a few lanterns (which we can remove quickly and easily) and refocussing one slightly, but I think in the refocussed position it'll still fulfil its purpose in the generic rig... It'll just be useful to me as well.

I also think that the fuse I replaced a few weeks ago in one of the dimmer racks may have gone again... which is a pain. But if it hasn't gone again then the channel's gone on the desk, which is worse.

Still, I think I now have the plot done. It'll change when I start rigging - they always do, when I discover what's broken since I last did stuff, or what the director's changed lately... or that my clever tricks don't work because of the colour of a costume...

But the initial plot is done and dusted.

* - The stage: when fully extended, it's actually slightly deeper than it is wide, and has the most inconveniently placed lighting bars and proscenium arch I've ever seen. The curtains and lighting bars above the stage are also so low down that it's very restrictive for back and side light. It's probably really good for a gig, but it's a bit of a git for a play where the lighting needs to be unobtrusive. We also have lanterns that are perfectly good, but not entirely appropriate for the size of the venue...
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So, a proper update!

How's life been treating me? Generally pretty well, although I have been quite, quite busy. So what's been going on? Well, here's a list:

Theatre Stuff )

Bionic Mum )

Work )

So, that's that for now. I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of right now.
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So, tonight is the second and final night of these shows... which will mean I actually have some free time for a bit. Especially as I've made sure I'm not expected to start on the next show immediately - I'm having a short break and will join the production later in the proceedings.

Tonight is also the aftershow party, which I'll have to arrange transport to and from, so that I can drink. I did the last one dry due to being ill at the time and barely able to stand... so I intend to have a drink or two at this one. Probably not very much, but a couple. In fact, I'm pre-preparing some kit for making up Twisted Mojitos... and might take some rum and soda so I can make normal Mojitos too. Need to get some more ice, though, as I've currently only got enough ice for about four cocktails and I expect I won't just be making them for myself. I'll buy a bag of it in a bit - easier than trying to make some up in our freezer.

After tonight, there's set strike on Tuesday evening... and then I have my Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings back for a couple of weeks.
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...went really well.

There were some interesting variations on the script, but nothing that would be noticeable or jarring to an audience... Lighting wise it all went well. Actors still seek out the darkness, depraved lot that they are... but I think we got away with it.
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Dress rehearsal went *much* better than the tech. Nothing broke, problems were solved and things went smoothly for the most part.

Folks I was buying tickets for: I've not managed to see the box office person unfortunately - they were only there when I was kinda busy tonight. Tickets are available on the door, though...
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I've still got this sodding cold. I want it gone already - it's turned my week into a pile of crap in which I've gotten very little done outside of work (I've been working from home and have got loadsof stuff done in that regard). To top it off, as is traditional whenever I have a cold for any length of time, I've got a painful mouth ulcer.

Plague bastards, kicking me when I'm down.

Anyway... In other news, can people who want me to get tickets for them for plays (next Friday & Saturday, 7th & 8th March) comment hereabouts or drop me an email saying how many they want and on which days. I'll book them in advance for you and you can pick them on the door.
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As the more astute of you will have realised, I do lighting for a local theatre group... The even more astute of you will have realised, by the haggard look about my face and the fact that I seem to be rushing out all of the time, that there's a show pretty soon. In fact, there's two nights of two single-act plays ("A Time for Farewells" by Damian Trasler and "Gloria's Angel" by Alistair Faulkner...

Both plays will be performed on both the 7th and 8th of March. I think it would be rather nice if some people came to see these plays, and so you all may consider this the commencement of my badgering you. Come see the plays! If anybody wants to be helpful and display some posters around the place, I have some that I can give to you, and the effort will be appreciated.

In addition to this, things are just beginning to get themselves organised for the next show... Which will be "Habeas Corpus" by Alan Bennett, to be performed on 15th, 16th and 17th May. I'd quite like it if people came to see that too, really. Consider this a hint that I will start badgering around late april / early may.
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You know how mothers always tell kids to wrap up warm when they have a cold, even if they feel warm already? How they tell them to not go outside in the cold? How they tell you not to overdo it?

I'm currently living proof that they know what they're talking about.

the whole story... )

For the next show, I think I'll stick to my old job of sitting at the back of the room by the lighting desk. Either that or I might consider acting, but only a small role if I do.

[EDIT: It may not seem like it from the above, but I did in fact enjoy doing the shows. It was hard work, and it made me ill more than I'd like, but it was fun. I'll still be doing shows, but will probably be less involved with the pantomimes as this one ate more of my life than I had spare...]
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It would appear that in one of the cold snaps we've been having recently, my car has sprung a rather unfortunate leak. I say "unfortunate" as it's so far defied any attempts to locate it, despite that fact that any coolant you pour into the top rapidly drops out of the bottom. You can tell that liquid goes in, and liquid comes out, but what happens in between is anybody's guess.

This, as you might imagine, puts the kibosh on some of my Christmas plans. Instead, I think that I might well hire a car and deal with fixing mine at a later date. If I can get one from my preferred hire place, it actually works out cheaper than (or at least equivalent to) what I'd expect the financial hit of arranging insurance for a borrowed car.

Panto went well. My first go at actually being backstage crew for a show, rather than sitting out front or in a control room. Incredibly tiring, especially due to the unwelcome interference of a cold... combined with it being really hot an sweaty in the wings and absolutely *&!%ing freezing outside the stage door (where we end up having to go a fair bit). Next year I don't think I'll do the panto, as I have too much other stuff I need to do at this time of year. Also, it's given me plague far too often.

Still, it was fun, in a horrifically gruelling, hard working, heavy lifting kind of way.

I'll still do other shows, though, and I might help with the set build stuff and not get involved otherwise.
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...every time I've gone near the panto I'm working on, I get ill! Because I'm standing in for one of the stage hands on today's performances (rather than just assisting them on the last two), I have developed a filthy, stinking cold.

Still, I've survived one of today's performances with no major catastrophes... one more to go, then the after-show party (which I'll go for a bit of) and the takedown. After that, I can have a life again.

Incidentally, this lot are doing Alan Bennett's "Habeas Corpus" in may. If anybody's interested in getting involved, give me a shout.
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As a few of you might have gathered, I kind of dropped off the planet for a while.

I've been off doing theatre. It'd been a while, but I'd decided to get back into doing stage lighting and whatnot. The culmination of this was the recent production of Wyrd Sisters that took place in Englefield Green (no link at present, alas). My contribution can largely be identified as the fact that the play did not take place in the dark.

Well, that's not entirely fair, as they'd have had some light if I'd not been there, but I made it all fancy and stuff. Now, with the performances and set strike out of the way, there's only the CRAP to go... then I have time to have a life again.

This means that I'll be getting back on with planning for Transhuman Space. I have a few characters to generate, some plotlines to tidy up, some gamedates to pick and a [ profile] lawrencegillies to beat and then it's looking good to go. Perhaps a little smaller than I'd originally hoped for, but I've got enough players to beat my minimum number.

At some point in the near future I'll also be starting to prep for SCARE, which should be interesting.

In other news, I'm back at work now... and my technical co-worker is off on leave. My manager's taken ill, so won't be in either. So, once again I have the joy of being the only tech-capable web person on site. Expect me to be stressed and exhausted for a while...
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Well, I've now built myself a flickering fire effect using a bunch of fluorescent tube starters, bulbs (& holders), wires and assorted other gubbins. It works rather well, and produces the effect of fire without any of the real stuff.

Right now it's a little on the electrically unsafe side as it's not properly double insulated, but I'll fix that before it's put to proper use. It just needs an insulated mounting plate to fix the components to inside the box so that they stay put, then I can seal it all into the box properly.
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For anyone who might be interested, I've just discovered that the St. Jude's Players (who we hire the social hall from for games) are doing Wyrd Sisters as their next production. They're auditioning on the 27th and 29th March, with the performances in mid July.

More details can be found via the St. Jude's Players website.

I'm toying with sticking my oar in to help out with backstage & lighting. Only problem is they do stuff on Tuesdays (which are good for me) and Thursdays (which are not). It's been a while since I did any of that kind of thing...

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