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I get roped into helping set up for a training session (should be a 10 minute job), and we get here only to find out that the software's been removed from all the machines...

How handy...
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Here I am, sat up in the training suite, barely able to speak as I've been rapidly losing my voice all day. Having to talk nearly continuously to a bunch of people being trained to edit the web doesn't help.

It is also my considered opinion that before going on such training, you should ensure that you are comfortable with the process of using a mouse and keyboard to control the computer, and ideally with the idea of how to browse web pages (even if it's at the level of "open the internet"). If these basic skills are not present then you are unlikely to be instantly proficient at creating webpages.
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Well, work today is much more relaxed. Because both my manager and I were in a hurry this morning I managed to conduct our weekly demotivational meeting in five minutes and without either of us leaving our desks at any point.

So now I have one day to finish adding frills to the POOMA, I'm in project management training on Thursday (deep joy! It expect I will have flashbacks to DICW lectures...) and then the rest of the week is mainly to be spent finishing off other bits and bobs. Should be quite relaxed...

Of course, I really can't be bothered to do anything at all at this precise moment in time, and will probably be given another bit of POOMA work to do later in the week. I usually am. But for the moment I'm relaxed!

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