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As is traditional, I am bored at work. So far, I've had a morning spent mostly running Windows Update on various machines in the office, and then tracking down various other patches and fixes and the like. I even got around to putting malware removal gubbins onto a couple of machines...

As a result of the morning's activities, however, I stumbled across a wondrously apt typo. If you accidentally add an "e" before the microsoft web address, you end up with "", which really tells you all you need to know.
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I am amused by the simplest things today, it would appear. Typing away (in an obviosuly not work related kind of way) I mistyped the word "cocktails", and discovered the new and curious world of Molotov Cockatils. Petrol filled exploding parrots, anybody?
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Today, I appear to be mostly unable to type. I keep dropping letters or typing them in entirely the wrong order, sometimes I even seem to be adding extra ones for no good reason.

I keep writing scripts that tell the server to createboject instead of createobject. Then again, maybe my subconscious mind is commenting on this particular project, and that bojects are probably more appropriate...

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