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[Looks out of window, sees the tree being thrown about by high winds and the driving rain]

I'm so glad I'm working from home... otherwise I'd probably have to find my way home in that delightful weather.
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Once again I am finding it difficult to stay on track with what I'm doing. It's too hot and muggy to concentrate on anything. Our new masters in Marketing seem to have the right idea about fans, though. We went over there yesterday for somebody's leaving do (more on that in a mo) and they had a fan on every desk, one of which was one of those hefty industrial style wind-blower things... Unlike here, where requests for fans or aircon result in blank looks.

But I mentioned a leaving do... So I'll go back to that now. Yesterday somebody left from the Marketing department, and we were all invited to go over to the leaving do, since we're now officially part of that department. It was a bit odd - we go over to a room full of people we don't know, with at least one of them being somebody we'll never see again! Kind of a "Hi... Bye!" deal.

Very odd.

Incidentally, I've been acquiring a bunch of new people on my friends list as a result of a brief flurry of activity on Treehouse, the Tad Williams Mailing List on Yahoogroups... which I've been a mod on since, oh, about the dawn of time. I predate the move from a proprietary list run by penguin to a yahoogroup (more accurately, to another company that merged with a second company which was then bought by yahoo) by quite a long way. Decent bunch of folks. Don't eat them. Unless they ask nicely.
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Well, I managed to dredge myself out of the bed this morning eventually... not in time for my normal train, but still in time for my backup train. I was quite surprised, as there was a thunderstorm and I was still sluggish and dead. Usually in thunderstorms I'm... not like that.

Unfortunately, the thunderstorm carried on for my walk to the station, which lead to me getting kind of dampened. I then sat on the train for a while talking to [ profile] thankyoukindly before baling out at putney to stand around on the cold windy platform for ten minutes... thankfully under shelter so I wasn't getting rained on as well.

Arriving at Barnes I proceeded to get utterly soaked whilst walking from the station to the campus, and arrived to find that our heating continues to be broken, so I was drenched and now I'm kind of freezing. Thankfully one of my co-workers has a little fan heater thing, which now that he's dried himself out, I've borrowed and it's currently warming my feet and drying my legs a little.

Still, upon arrival I declared (quite reasonably, I feel) that I wasn't going to do anything particularly hard-work shaped until I'd warmed up and dried out.

My trousers are still wet and cold, so I'm still not doing anything taxing...
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They're apparently closing the building early today because of the snow, so I may well be leaving early... possibly as early as 4ish... Huzzah, I say, Huzzah.

Quite why a bit of snow necessitates closing the building I don't know, but I suspect it's because senior managers don't want to get caught by the travel chaos, and they have to close the building if they all want to go...
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@%^& me it's COLD!

I could have done without having to stand out on the platform at Richmond for half an hour this morning... I've still not properly warmed up because our office feels like a fridge!

Still, I'm getting work done... I've come up with a basic design for one site and worked out how I can build the XML files for the project with the incredible mutating brief.
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It's sunny and warm. The weather is pretty damned close to perfect, in fact. Unfortunately I'm stuck indoors working my arse off (in fact, I'm running out of arse and will soon be onto hips and thighs) to meet the increasingly ridiculous deadlines.


This morning we had our weekly demotivational meeting, at which it became apparent that we now have a deadline for the end of this week. Our original deadline was tight enough, but a full third of it seems to have been cut off to allow my manager to show the work being done to various director types before the launch date.

Things are really starting to get silly now - I have 4 different sites to bring up from almost nothing to something presentable by end of thursday. Foolishness.

And it's nice outside, so I can't be arsed to do anything. Damn you Steve for being indoors (see cryx's journal)

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