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Internet Explorer, you are like a carbuncle on a diseased dog's arse. You should be lanced before your pustulent secretions infect the world any further. That is all.
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So... I'm once again butting heads with IE6. If it would die the death it so richly deserves then it would be much easier for web designers to provide the functionality that people keep asking for. But as it is, IE6 still makes up around 30% of the browser market, and so we're hobbled. 30% of the market uses a browser that's more than six years old, and expects technologies that were invented in the past year and half to work.

So I'm going to ask a general "all my friends list and beyond" type question. As many answers as I can get will be greatly appreciated - so encourage other folks to stick their oars in as well.

The question is as follows:
"What web browser do you use, and why do you use it?"

I'll try to keep the browser evangelism to a minimum (and expect others to do the same). The exception will be to provide people with ways to avoid using the trainwreck that is IE6, or to escape from it's clutches or fix it a bit if you're stuck with it. My general opinion is that people should use whatever browser is best for them, but also that IE6 is rarely best for anybody.

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Internet Explorer. Yes, both of you. Seven, and your deadbeat parent, Six.

I understand that you want to be special and unique snowflakes in a world full of conformity, but you're got a job to do and you're not doing it. Everybody else in the class understands - even weird little Safari & Opera at the back there!

What you seem to not be able to grasp is that one thing is contained within another in the markup, it is expected that it will be contained within it on the screen - even just a little bit. The anchor point should be inside the container, at the very least. No, not next to it a few pixels away - inside it! Near and Inside have different meanings!

Yes, I know you're doing it right over there. But you're using exactly the same code in these three other places, and getting it wrong. You've shown you can get it right... now why can't you do it more than once?

All I can think is that you're doing it on purpose just to get attention. Stop it. It's not big and it's not clever!

That's it! Go and stand in the corridor. I'll have words with you later.

Don't make me send a letter to your parents, Six, or your grandparents, Seven. Five-point-oh and Five-point-five have enough on their plates dealing with all the drool and constant falling over. They don't need you causing them trouble as well.

Edit: IE has been successfully slapped, and is now behaving.

Edit 2: I'm not sure WHY it's behaving, but it is. I used an analytical process to identify what the problem must be, then applied a fix for that. The fix worked, so I went in to clean up the root of the problem... and found that it wasn't there. I've successfully applied a very specific workaround that will only fix this specific problem. The workaround worked, despite the only possible root cause not actually being there. Sod it. It works - I'm going to leave it alone now. The CSS is clearly haunted.
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Once again, I am compelled to speak in public of matters unseemly.

Once, I had a special relationship. One of those relationships where you hate something, yet for no readily explainable reason you keep going back for more, almost like you were being compelled by outside forces. Once I had that kind of relationship with the scottish browser (we do not speak it's name). It was a destructive relationship, and one which did me no favours. In the end, I managed to break the cycle of guilt and recrimination (its and mine respectively) by ensuring that we were never forced to come into contact again.

Now, history repeats itself, and I find myself in a similar relationship. Internet Explorer, why do you do this to me? Why is it that the world seems to keep forcing me to come back to you and your peculiar ways? Can you not leave me be, or at least learn to get along with everyone else?


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Yours Sincerely,

Albumin Eggwhite, Esq.
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Internet Explorer 6, the pinnacle of the microsoft browsing experience. The IE browser works hard to ensure that all pages are rendered using microsoft's own standards. Microsoft's standards allow more flexibility in presentation than ever before. Don't let those other browsers and their boring "samey" looking page rendering fool you! Internet Explorer! It's the Microsoft way!

Microsoft Internet Explorer - A browser built on firm fucktardian principles.

yes, boys and girls, now that Nutscrape 4.x has finally been consigned to the dungheap where it belongs, IE has become my new target of rantage
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Well, once again I am being given grief by the browser whose name shall not be spoken. After last night, it shall be known as "The Scottish Browser", after the fashion set by "The Scottish Play", the play whose name is only ever spoken in theatre circles by those performing in it whilst they are in their roles. Even then, it's the name of the character, not the name of the play...

But I digress.

Why oh why do you decide, in the middle of a page, to stop paying attention to the style sheet. You cope fine at the start of the page, but by half way though, things which worked earlier no longer do so.

Out, damned browser! out, I say!--One: two: three: four point seven: why, then, 'tis time to lose't.--CSS is murky!--Fie, my designer, fie! a user, and afeard? What need we fear who reads it, when none can call our crapness to account?--Yet who would have thought the old pages to have had so much css in them.

--apologies to the bard

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