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Unless my timekeeping's become shot to hell, there ought to be a dark ages game tomorrow. Is this the case? If so, where is it and what flavour of game should we be expecting?
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Today, I do not live.

I am seated at my desk here at work, and one word is going through my head endlessly. That word is "Wuuurgh". I'm tired despite having had over six hours sleep - a good night of sleep for me on a weeknight - and can't really focus on anything because my brain is far too busy saying "Wuuurgh" over and over again.

I could try to stop it, but I suspect that "Wuuurgh" is also the mantra which is preventing me from falling asleep. I'm also (once again) quite a necessary person in the office today... so can't just climb under my desk and sleep, despite how tempting that might seem.

Should probably start thinking about Dark Ages shortly, but I must confess to being utterly wiped out at the moment in general, and I think I might be starting to approach burnout where darkages is concerned. Hopefully stuff we worked out prior to last months game will sort that out, and a bit of a new twist at the last game could get me fired up again, I hope. If not, well, I'm only there until december, then I'll be stepping down like I always said I would.

Of course... there are plotlines I've always said I'd like to run, and there's a chance I'll get invovled again just to run them if they've not happened already before I step down.
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Well, I've had a long weekend, so here's an update:

Thursday )
Friday )
Saturday )
Sunday )
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...and has an login?

There's a thread about LARP on's "roleplaying open" forum. More specifically, the thread had somebody asking how a LARP is run, how it "runs" and what actually happens at a session.

I've posted a fairly large and rambling "how we run things" kind of post, but I think a bit of input from players (or other STs) would probably help the thread along, and help the original poster get a decent idea. The thread's already had it's share of the traditional "your fun is bad wrong fun" type responses, and I think it deserves a few more responses from people who actually enjoy games.

The thread can be found at
My post is post #60 (page 6 in the default view).
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Just a quick reminder that the next Runnymede Dark Ages game will be at the Englefield Green Social Hall, we've got the upstairs of the hall as the downstairs had already been booked, so please could everyone be careful when coming and going not to scare the kids attending a birthday party there!

The doors will open at 5:30pm, with us aiming to time in at 6:00pm, please could everyone do their best to be there and ready as soon as possible, as the earlier everyone is ready the more RP we can all get.

There are people who don't read this or the Dark Ages community - so please pass this on to anyone else who is a regular / would like to try it out!

If anyone needs help getting there or has questions, feel free to comment on the [ profile] runnymede_da community...
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I found that last night's dark ages game, whilst fun, was very tiring to run. I suspect it was just because it was quite a small game, and a lot of our more vocal or flambouyant characters were not there, so we had to keep poking things to keep the game going. The court couldn't quite reach the critical mass of hubbub and activity required for it to look after itself and leave us STs able to draw back and use a light touch. Still, I think I managed to slip in some clarification of the relationship between the council of elders (Primogen) and the Prince's Household (Council), and drop a few more hints as to the Prince's personality and way of doing things.

Really do need to fit a revolving door on the council chamber, though. Or perhaps one of those "take a ticket and wait for your number" systems. Still, it means that working to get a position of authority is always going to be a viable goal, if perhaps not a goal in the longest term.
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At some point I should probably do some dark ages preparation. Most of this will happen during the day on Saturday, but I'll need to do a bit beforehand too.

[ profile] molez? We should probably plot and scheme their downfall various things to have happen in the game.
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Well, that was suitably manic game...

Certain player driven conflicts that we couldn't have planned better! Such is the joy of introducing some slightly less than pleasant rituals into the game. Also, the player based power structure kicked in! We had status being given out, we had brandings, we had petty recriminations and official punishments. All from the princes house and the council of eldest - none of it from the prince.

I enjoyed it. As ever, I'm knackered, though. Still, going to see Star Wars soon anyway. Don't need to be alive to watch films.
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I've not looked at any of it, but this has been posted up on the roleplayers community, and I thought it could probably be mined for information relevant to the upcoming Dark Ages game...

Lots of medieval and dark ages resources

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