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A proper update? Well, it's been a while and my life has been leaning towards "more of the same" for a some time now... But it occurs to me that I've been gradually building up my repertoire of "same" and might not actually have mentioned it. There's also been a web conference, and then last night I also had a crack at something I'd not done for about eight years, which I'll come on to in a bit.

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Last night I finally managed to get to the swimming pool again. It felt good, even though my overall fitness has clearly slumped since I stopped going.

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Last night was my first swim since sometime around christmas, and I plan for it to be the start of a new routine. But by god do I ache all over as a result...
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So, having been swimming on Friday, it reminded me of how much I like it, and of how much I miss it. So when [ profile] izzy_stradlin and I were stuck for something to do this afternoon, we decided to go again. To Windsor this time, rather than Bracknell. The leisure pool's not as good, but it's half the price and that gets you the pool for swimming lengths as well - which we did for a bit of the time we were there.

It really showed up how out of practice and unfit I've become. I managed 10 lengths of the 25m pool and then lactic acid buildup made me stop... I used to swim 1km pretty much every day. This time I managed a quarter of that and had to stop. Time to get back into the habit, I think.

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