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KapCon 24 in Wellington was, at roughly 18,800 kilometers, probably the furthest I’ve travelled for a spot of gaming, given than I’d have to leave the planet to go further (or find a convention in Dunedin or Christchurch, which are technically further).  I’m game for going further, but I suspect budget and convention availability would be a hindrance.

This was my first KapCon (but not K’s – she’s a regular) – and I enjoyed it immensely. I’m unlikely to be there every time as it’s a bit far to go… but I fully intend to go again.  If the logistics were easier, I’d even be interested in having a crack at running games (hell, even getting involved in helping with the flagship LARP – that kind of thing is in my wheelhouse, after all). Next time I come along, I’ll certainly have a crack at running something, though.

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Using a bit of my lunchbreak (edit: and afternoon no-coffee break) to sneakily finish an LJ post I started last night... I thought I'd talk about gaming. Specifically roleplaying. Partly because it's always been an activity close to my heart, but also because I've actually done some of it again for the first time in... far too long. For somebody who still identifies himself as a roleplayer, I've done precious little actual playing lately.

[ profile] nishatalitha has been going to the London Indie RPG Meetup for a while, and I decided that I'd skip out of another regular SF meet I go to (it's annoying that they clash, but what can I do!) to give it a shot. I'm extremely glad I did, as I got a chance to not only play a rather cool new game, but I also got a chance to try out my first go at a GM-less RPG.

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I have some ideas, and will run them in whatever order they fall out of my brain in a "ready to go" state. If you express an interest, I will attempt to check back to see if you did so when random chance dictates that I will run a given game.

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